The Parklane Cebu


 I once again joined Line and my boss Vet in their search for good food (payday mania. LOL). This time, the roads lead them (us) to the Parklane Cebu Hotel in Escario Street. Dinner buffet is 595 / head. Exclusive of drinks, service charge.

THANKS TO ERMA LINE for these photos.


Inside the restaurant

Round 1! Pa cute-cute ug kaon. LOL

Hmmm. Pasta!

Ispageting pababa.

End of round 1. Hahahaha.

Dining area.

The other side.

To eat sweets or not to eat sweets.

Crocodile bread

The sushi corner.


Watch Manny vs. Barrera here!


Istatuwa sa lobby



Another angle of the chandelier

Lingkod2x gamay. hehehe

Posing vet!

I can’t understand that painting. LOL

Fourth level pool area.

Basil’s dining area

Angle2x shot ni Line. Hehehe



 Day shots.

Thanks to SLEMARKEN (Slerz, Markii, Kentaro) and PINOYmeat of SSC Cebu for these awesome photos.

Now don’t be surprised if their shots are really gorgeous coz these guys are professionals. Hehehe. =)


The Parklace Cebu from Cebu Business Park

The pool area.


View of the Pag-ibig tower, FGU building and the Cebu Business Tower

The flyover

Cebu Business Park

View of Ayala Center Cebu