Life Is Good In Samboan

I got invited again by some friends over the long weekend. This time, we went somewhere a little bit farther. Yeah, farther. LOL.

We went to Samboan, the town next to Santander – the southern end of Cebu. Samboan is around four hours by bus (3+ by V-hire). So if you can’t take very long trips, make sure to make stops in noteworthy towns you see along the way. (Read: Carcar, Boljoon, Moalboal, Badian, Santander – well, all Cebuano towns are great!)

See Map:

Samboan is a quaint little town around 150 kilometers away from Cebu City. Little is known of this awesomely gorgeous town. I didn’t know too much about it before the trip, either. So, experiencing the town, the people and the scenes (and not just passing through) is truly a memorable experience for me. I shall never soon forget how Samboan made me let go of all the negatives in me and just enjoy nature, the company, and myself. I’m definitely coming back! Thank you Irene, Ryan and Aiz (and her parents) for the awesome time. And to the lovely ladies – you’re all awesome!


Fishing is one of the main industries in Samboan.


I love this shot. Too much light ain’t too bad at all! Cute kids!

  Ryan and Aiz ready for the long trip.

Last minute shopping – Ampao, Otap, Dried Mangoes, Masareal

Good! The bus has a TV set!

Magic Tree (Lemon flavor) – Helping you throw up during long rides since 1980. LOL.

Ahhh! South National Road!

Ai-ai’s parents’ ancestral house

Just across the street, past the national road, is the beach! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

Little sari-sari store next door.

Ai-ai’s mom prepared fried fish, sinugba, and seafood soup (squid). Ahh!

First time I’ve tried eating squid soup.

The ancestral house.

Ai-ai’s grandparents

Ground floor.


A little girl on the beach.

While waiting for a bus. LOL

Afternoon view

Kings of the road

Back to Cebu

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