In Love With Argao


I’ve visited Negros a million times since I was a kid. And the part about traveling to Negros which I hated the most was passing through the Municipality of Argao. I mean, Argao is one of southern Cebu’s biggest districts and I always thought that there was something about that place that made me nauseous and want to vomit. I guess this was the exact reason why Argao never really intrigued me.

Last Wednesday, the ever-talented Pikoy told me that some of the artists from the office have agreed to join Argao’s ‘Argao 400‘ – a visual art contest to commemorate the establishment of the municipality in 1608. The municipality is holding a contest for photographers and artists to paint or shoot distinct scenes of life in Argao.

So, to show our support and to visit Argao na pud, we (with Line and Jen) decided to go.


So, what do I think of Argao? One word: Lovely!

And awesome.

And amazing.

And breathtaking. Hahahaha.


In love with Argao!

 Argao’s Balay Lungsod (Municipal Hall) welcoming guests to the Argao 400.


To start the day, we had breakfast sa Alex Kafe. Lami kaayo diri.


View of the church from the cafe.

For breakfast, we had omelet


Fried Rice

and Beef Steak. Yummy!

Master Pikoy inom2x ug kape. Hahaha.

Interior of the cafe. Nindot kaayo.

Table and chair. Naay art.

Mga dalan sa Argao. Very clean and well-maintained.

Entrance to the church.


Old house beside the gate.

Belltower and tree.

To the Balay Lungsod

Broken clock


The beautiful church of Argao.

Balay Lungsod

Hall of Justice

Legislative Building

Argao’s Joe

Age-old hospital of Argao

To the beach

Pagong and church

That last building is the Executive building

Intricate carvings


Terra-cota roofing sa municipal hall.

Church door. We weren’t able to get in.

Some funny posts:

Deep kaayo

Bistek tingali ni

Mga bastos! Hahahaha.



Ang beach

Kid and his beachball

Back to the church

Red flower

Argao coast


Interior of second level of the Balay Lungsod

 The town square. Lovely lovely sight.



Artist nagpaint sa grass.

Another artist.

Some of the entries.


Mao ni iyang gi-paint.

Another entry

Another one

Artist painting inside the Municipal Hall


Master Pikoy decided to go to the beach and paint something else.

Master Pikoy in action


Scene at the beach:


Foreigner enjoying the sun

Master Pikoy and Miguel


Ang view nga gi-paint ni Master Pikoy