Breakfast in Liloan

The Municipality of Liloan, home of the the famous Liloan Lighthouse (Bagacay Point) – which remains standing til this very day – is only around 40-minutes from the city of Cebu.

Liloan is popular for its great-tasting Lechon Baboy and Manok and favorites like Lechon and Masi. Families and truckoads that travel North to enjoy the beach usually drop by Liloan to buy other Cebuano beach essentials like Hanging Rice (puso) and Kinilaw.

Welcome to the Municipality of Liloan!

Jose Rizal: The main man!

Park benches on the Liloan municipal grounds.

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Cebuano beach ‘essentials’: (L-R: kamote, budbud, suka with sili, swaki (sea orchin) and guso and balat)

Cebu Lechon (Inasal) sold per Kilo

Roasting time!

Roasted pigs by the road.

Never eat your Lechon with plain rice. Cebu’s hanging rice (Puso) is THE better alternative). =)

Visit Liloan now!

The Guinsay, Danao Experience
Welcome to Cebu! Welcome to Paradise!

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