Balaygsawa Falls: In the Heart of Samboan

Two weeks ago, I decided to travel down south for an important assignment. See, I had to finish my “11 Cebu Waterfalls to Include in your Bucket List – Part 2” article on The problem was, I still had only 10 waterfalls on my list. So, since I knew that the southern end of […]

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Calasa Falls: An Accidental Discovery

After my stop in the quiet little town of Boljoon (Ili Rock Viewing Deck) and a quick lunch in Oslob, I was on my way to the town of Moalboal for some much-needed swim. The trip was going to be a long one as Moalboal is basically eight towns away. And I was certain that I’d be […]

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Dau Falls: An Experience Like No Other

Still wet from my short adventure in Binalayan Falls in Barangay Bonbon, I got on my bike and drove towards the direction of Barangay Suba, Samboan. My guide in Binalayan had said that the drive to Dau would be quick so changing into a dry pair of shorts wouldn’t make sense. And I agree. True […]

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The Three Drops of Binalayan

When I saw a sign posted on a tree by the side of the road, however, I was like, “Why the heck not? I’m already here!” So I got off the highway, drove a few meters to a group huddled around a small store, and asked for directions. So, it turned out that the ‘store’ […]

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Aguinid Falls Revisited

Right after checking out Ginatilan’s Inambakan Falls (we didn’t stay long,) our next stop was the town of Samboan to see the Aguinid Falls. The Aguinid Falls is located in a small baranggay called Tangbo. The road-side sign is small so it is better if you ask around especially since the baranggay is close to […]

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The Longest Ride

Before I begin, let me just thank Mam Malou aka meylou for sponsoring this trip. Thanks Mam Meylou and to your sister Mam Tensie! You guys are awesome! 🙂 Okay, so, the original plan was to go to Danasan Eco Park in Danao City. But my friend Karen of iBake wanted me to pick up […]

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Inambakan Falls: Ginatilan’s Hidden Treasure

Ludy and I reached the Cebu South Bus Terminal at around 5:00 pm. The terminal was in total chaos as first-time travelers couldn’t find their way around and terminal regulars were so loud and busy complaining about the new ticketing system. LOL. Our bus left the terminal at six. The bus was filled to the […]

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I Left My Heart In Samboan

  I thought I’ve seen the best of Samboan. But I was wrong. I mean, my friend Irene took us there a few months ago and we extremely enjoyed Aguinid Falls and the nice beaches. But just like what Chris Tucker said in one of his films, indeed, ‘I ain’t seen nothin’ yet!’. LOL. The […]

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Holiday In Samboan

  My uncle’s boss invited him to visit her family’s resort in Samboan. She told him that he could take his family along and that they would rent out their cottage for only around 200 per day [Goryon Beach Resort]. My uncle readily agreed. So, on Maundy Thursday, we packed our bags and left Cebu […]

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One Night Only

   From samboan, we went to the town proper of Ginatilan and headed straight to the beach property of Irene’s aunt. The house was awesome. It has guest rooms and a pool. And right across the street, they have a beach house! Wow! We had the place to ourselves so it was really fun and […]

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Aguinid: Mystical Hideaway

Aside from the awesome beaches and the Kinugay, Samboan has a lot more to offer. And we discovered it, when our two young tour guides brought us to the undiscovered beauty called Aguinid Falls.  The Aguinid Falls is actually a system of falls which runs some two kilometers from its base. Its falls are not […]

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Life Is Good In Samboan

I got invited again by some friends over the long weekend. This time, we went somewhere a little bit farther. Yeah, farther. LOL. We went to Samboan, the town next to Santander – the southern end of Cebu. Samboan is around four hours by bus (3+ by V-hire). So if you can’t take very long trips, […]

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