Crystal Clear Linaw

So, this week, we traveled all the way to the southern town of Santander for my new bike’s very first long drive. As expected, even though the weather was a bit crazy, it was a pretty fun trip. On our way back, we stopped by the Linaw Pool in Argao. If I’m not mistaken, Linaw is a fresh-water spring. It is frequented by both locals and curious tourists. Whenever I pass by this spot in Argao, I always see to it that I slow down to get a good view of the pool. This was the first time that I actually stopped to take a couple of photos.

Ladies and gentlemen, Argao’s Linaw pool.

The awesome thing about Linaw is that it’s right next to the South National Road. I’m not kidding. You get off the bus, you take two steps, and you’ve reached Linaw.

They’re created a small park on the spot. It has benches and lampposts. How cool!

Note: You can see the main road in the upper left corner of the photo. That’s how close it is to the highway.

The huge pool is surrounded by a couple of houses.

I’m guessing this is where the ‘spring’ is located. Water from this pool feeds the other pools below it.

The crystal clear water flows straight towards the sea.

Locals usually do their laundry, clean the dishes, or take a bath in this part of the pool.

The next time you travel down south, be sure to check out Linaw in Argao. 🙂