Remembering Monching Magsaysay

March 17, 2007 is the 50th death anniversary of President Ramon Magsaysay.  President Magsaysay was a well-loved man. Famously called the “Champion of the Masses” as well as ang “Monching ng Bayan”, President Magsaysay was remembered for his undying love for the poor.

On March 17, 1957, together with 25 others, the People’s Champion was killed when presidential plane Mt. Pinatubo crashed in Mt. Manunggal, one of the highest peaks in Cebu.

The rescue operation of the crash was considered one of the hardest in history. The plane, which was set to land in Lahug, Cebu City, hit the slopes of Mt. Manuggal at around 1 am. However, rescuers reached the crash site around fiften hours later.

Only the charred bodies of President Magsaysay and his men were found in the crash site. The country’s well-loved man is gone. But his memories remained until this very day.

Drive to Busay

Nice trees

La Tegola mountain-top restaurant

View of the city. Wow!

To Balamban (Transcentral Highway)

DPWH – We work hard for your convenience.

Welcome to Manunggal

This way.

To baranggay Magsaysay

Rocky road and roadside chapel.

View of Balamban

Mountains of Cebu

We’re here at last!

Now, where exactly is the camp site?

Ahh. It’s there! The next mountain!

But first, we must pass here.

And see this gorgeous view.

Of Cebu’s beauty

Parked bikes all.

USJ-R chapel in Baranggay Magsaysay

To the crash site.

Be reminded.

Not heavy at all!

Disco for campers and locals the night before.

Serious party, I bet!


Tribute to Monching


Project of USJ-R (alma mater) and Balamban

Black guy with a cute bird. LOL

A few remaining tents.

To the crash site. Seriously now.


USJ-R Chapel

The campsite.

Into the jungle!

Just follow the light (bulb)

Light bulb at high noon.

Actual front page copy.

Worst Air tragedy

Engine of Mt. Pinatubo.


Is that you, Monching?

We remember…..


The shining night cross.

Satchmo resting on our way home.

More Photos:

– Campsite / Cebu mountains


– Satchmo camwhore / La Tegola


– Mt. Pinatubo’s Engine / Kaningag / Path to Crash site

– Balamban / Trail to Memorial


Park lot / Mountain


– Rocky road / More motor bikes


– Party List ad / Into the jungle.


The “Family” Park
Guadalupe Parish Church

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