The Sorry State of the Cebu City Zoo

Cebu City needs a NEW Zoo. Fast!

A friend told me about his recent trip to the Cebu City Zoo. He said that the zoo is no longer a zoo, but a dumpsite with ten (or fewer) animals living in it. This description irked me. I was pretty sure he was exaggerating. So, I decided to see the place myself.

On my way there, I remembered how my family used to visit the zoo every weekend when I was a kid. It was Father Tropa’s time then. Father Tropa was this famous figure who loved and truly cared for animals. He was the overall in-charge of the Cebu City Zoo then if I’m not mistaken. He was always in this bohemian outfit and he carried this huge boa around his neck. He would roam around the zoo and ask the kids to touch the snake because according to him “Snakes are gentle creatures”. He would also tell guests some random trivia about the animals in the zoo.

The Cebu City Zoo was amazing back then. Monkeys were housed in cages as tall as 50-foot trees. People were always on the lookout for those trained monkeys that would playfully snatch away food or drinks. The birds were placed in very huge domes where they could stretch their wings and fly for like at least five seconds straight. The place had playgrounds, a small restaurant, clean baths, a souvenir shop, huge park space and trees, trees and more trees.

The zoo even had real live gorillas and orang-utans. And at one point, they even had a lion and a tiger. The small museum featured real elephant tusks and leopard skin which made me cry as a child.

Here’s the Cebu City Zoo as of February 18, 2007.

Broken sign. Already a very bad indication.

First set of ‘abandoned’ baths located near the entrance. Not looking that good so far.

What is this poor bird eating?

Big birds in this small (probably around 5x5x8) cage.

I noticed that most animals in the zoo are diseased or are dying. This one-eyed monkey is obviously sick. I can easily understand why he doesn’t seem happy.

More monkeys in this filthy cage.

If you can see the trash on the ground, then yes, this cage is THAT dirty. These monkeys eat anything. And I mean, ANYTHING. From sticks to cigarette butts to leather. They’re cool with it.

Not a very lovely sight. Inside the cage, I noticed a pen, a picture frame, a slipper, and even a necktie. Like, what?

This should be FOOD instead of PLASTIC.

This used to be the area where different species of turtles were kept. Now, the water is murky and I’m afraid the turtle(s) might even be dead.

A high-walled subdivision now sits beside the zoo.

This is the only space which actually separates the zoo and the houses.

A little girl talking to this bored Myna Bird.

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Yes. He looks a bit pissed.


Animal cages and a view of the three-story houses next to them.

With all the empty spaces left, I’m sure this place still has hope. I know it! All we need is a big step.

More big birds in small cages.

Clothesline right next to the bird cages.

More bird cages.

Beautiful creatures. Not so beautiful cage.

This dude has a nasty cut on his lip.

Something has to be done. Cebu, a booming metropolis, deserves/needs a zoo. Like, seriously.

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  1. I really feel sorry for the animals, they cannot help themselves! Truly, the
    government should step in in this matter. If we have SPCA there, they should take away all the animals out from that miserable place! I hope
    they will be helped soon.

  2. We need to email this link to the city government of cebu. If they spent millions of pesos for the asean summit, they could have spent it here. Thanks for the pictures. This is a wake up call and a reality check.

  3. I emailed the city mayor, the chairman of the city parks, and cc’ed it to local journalist in Cebu. Hope you guys will do the same. Here’s my email:


    Feb. 19, 2007

    Honorable Mayor Tomas Osmena
    Mayor, City of Cebu


    Hon. Nestor Archival

    My name is Coco Cuizon Alinsug, I am an now based in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. and a native of Cebu City. I was one of the first recipient of the Ten Outstanding Cebuano Youth Leaders (first batch). Though I am far away but I am still fully aware of current events and issues with my beloved city.

    I came across this site which featured the bad state of our city zoo. I strongly believe that the city government should do something about this. This is very embarassing. As a child, I used to visit this lovely zoo and had a lot of good memories.I showed the pictures to my friends here and they were tremendously shocked to see the poor condition of our city zoo. If the government spent millions of pesos for the beautification of our city then why not spent some of it for the cebu city zoo? If you cannot spend a centavo then might as well close it and let some good-hearted individual adopt the animals at our zoo where they can be treated with respect, dignity and beautiful and clean home. Cebu as a metro city should have a world-class zoo where every cebuanos can be proud of.

    Hope this email will be acted upon. I will cc this email to some local papers.

    Very truly yours,


    here’s the link again:

  4. Coco, I’m behind you. Good that you sent emails to the Cebu Gov’t and to the local news media. It’s the only way to get their attention. I hope some action will be taken soon to stop the cruelty towards the animals. It’s

  5. I used to visit this zoo when I was a kid. Back then, I looked forward to visiting it every weekend. The aura of magic was there. I remembered there was a playground nearby. There were benches where people could rest after climbing the hundred plus steps. I still remember the orang-utans, the giant crocodile, the big black bear, the lion and the cougars.

    I feel terrible upon seeing these pictures. The people (government) who are taking care (?) of this zoo seem to forget that animals have lives and souls too.

    I hope that a large part of the taxpayers’ money will go to the rehabilitation of the zoo so that it will be restored to its former glory. As far as I know, it is only the Cebu City Zoo which is “one with nature” where the surrounding area is a small forest. Other zoos around the workd are constructed like Fuente Osmena or Plaza Independencia with cages all over.

    If the government has no money to maintain the zoo, at least they should turn the animals over to the DENR and have them set free.

  6. Very sad…if the Government doesn’t want to spend money on the Zoos- which I can understand, then I agree the animals need to be turned over to an agency that is willing to take care of them.

  7. Hello Coco,

    I am very glad to have stumbled upon your site. Although I am sorry for this one in particular is just soo unfortunate. It’s heart wrenching to see these beautiful creatures in such deplorable condition! Cebu should not have a Zoo if it will just be like this – Gian’s idea of turning the animals over to the DENR for release back into the wild sounds like a millions times better! I’m an advocate for nature and the wild and I’m with you on this issue. Let me forward this site to some concerned local journalists and newspapers. God Bless You Coco and Thank You very much for sharing.
    Animals Rule!

  8. Hi Calypso,

    Thanks for the kind words. We are all one into the fight for the salvaging of the Cebu City Zoo. You guys should also write the City Mayor to supplement my metter.


  9. its a very pitty situation really and a part of us as members of a group are very saddened about it hope this pushes through new hope for a much more better life for these pitiful animals. we are doing some kind of research something that just happened to be our topic and it struck me most that the situation of these animals was not properly been taken care of.


  10. Hello,

    Cebu Zoo does look like it needs a lot of help, and you are all right to be concerned. I will also email the relevant authorities. As well as the fact that is just wrong to treat animals this way, this gives an atrocious image for the city and the country.

    BUT THE GOOD NEWS is that there are various ways in which funds could perhaps be found to transform the zoo from an old fashioned menagerie into a modern environmental centre. The Zoological Society of London runs an internationa zoos programme to help zoos around the world raise their standards.

    Look at my blog too which is about external funding to make zoos make a greater contribution to society and to the environment.

  11. Hi John,

    I got your email, Thank you!

    Do you know who is the contact person at the Zoological Society of London?

  12. Thank you so much for the pictures. This is a wake up call. “Waiting for their deaths?”– this is so sad and so wrong.

  13. hey, lander.

    thanks for the photos. when gian (carlos of ss3, that is) was younger we would take him and the rest of the kids to the zoo often as we just lived nearby, at peace valley. i am glad that your site has contributed to its new lease on life. that’s a great accomplishment. i hope your website continues to help cebu and cebuanos.


    1. Hi Candice,

      No, the vets can’t do anything. The zoo is the property of the city and as much as concerned vets would like to do something, they can’t.

      Presently, the best alternatives are 1) to rehabilitate the zoo and restore it to its former glory with animal-friendly facilities, 2) convert it into a preserve or a zoological center, or 3) turn over the remaining animals to DENR and have them set free.


  15. Nice to hear the zoo,dispite it’s condition,is atleast still open.I have fond memories of my visits there which started in Jan.,1984. and my “Travels with Tropa” over the following years.What would Father Tropa say about the zoo today? Probably what he always said; “The condition of those living in extreme poverty is still worse”.”Plant Love,Plant trees,for Survival and Peace”. Curtis

  16. any update sa plans ni mayor t. osmeña for cebu zoo? i read sa sunstar (online) nga naa siyay plan for a rehab and upgrade sa place and to be managed by a private corp. hope it will be pushed through.

  17. yup. but i think gov gwen is claiming the lot as provincial lot na pud. so murag di na pud madayon. nindot unta naay zoo sa kawit point sa srp. para naay waterworld/aquarium ba. hehe

    1. city lot or provincial lot, something needs to be done about it. that’s the trouble when red tape steps into the picture. couldn’t they all work together on this one irregardless who owns it? the poor animals needs care STAT, and that’s what’s important!

  18. regardless kung unsa ang consequence about land dispute issues which involved the site where Cebu Zoo is located, I do hope that the animals in their sad state will be saved….nag email pod ko to different NGO’s and other zoological societies; fingers crossed naay manubag nila ang hopefully, they can do something to help those animals……

  19. Thanks for this amazing site!
    This is a tragedy! Kaluoy sa mga creatures! Morag naghulat sa ilang kataposan.
    Unsa kaha kon atong bombahan og mail ang nagdumala ani?

    Tagai mig deritso nga mail add unya atong rakrakan?!
    Kanang sipa pas armalayt? hehe..
    Tinood..maayong tabangon ang mga binuhi sa zoo..

  20. na unsa naman ni silang tomas ug gwen, puro nalang angkunay ug yuta, wala man ni nga isyu sau-na. maypa share nalang ni sila, 50-40 or 60-40 share, nya do something about this sad story about the zoo, ma hero pa na silang duha sa mga cebuanos.

  21. so far bai, wala man nanubag sa emails nga ako gi send…kung naa diha maka kontak ani, basi makatabang sila sa kahimtang sa atong zoo diha, kung pwede ibalhin na lang kaha didto para ma save pa nang mga kalolooy nga mga animals…..

  22. dear Sir
    From 1884 till 1986 I have been roaming around with father Tropa and I have been fund raising for the Cebu Zoo in the neighbouring ‘Beverly Hills’ area. To no avail: The very rich wre not at all interested in nature preservation. I have been given authority to confiscate rare species at the market though by the local authorities, but being shot just one meter before my riding bike, I have had to become aware of my limited powers to improve the world. I have been given military support to catch wild cats on Negros Island and I still have pictures (though not yet digitalized) of the ZOO and its animals at the fore-mentioned period. I have been witnessing a Japanese tourist buying a street dog and giving it alive to the crocodile in the Zoo. Since the beast started swallowing the dog at its back, I still hear the barking of the victim before being suffocated by the crocodile (the same crocodile traveled with the fahter Tropa group in a cage even as far as Luzon!!). It made me feel like a giant, I took the Japanese at his throat and was able to have him hanging above the crocodile, forcing him to swear never to do it again. I had a picture taken and published in a Japanese newspaper. Unfortunatel;y I don’t have it anymore. With my German friend Moster I was able to take care of the 21 year old urang utang, whose tremendously strong hands that could squeeze our off were able to clean the eye lids of a little cat that would stay in his cage so now and then! I have been doing some shows with the 40 year old female chimpansee (the male of the same age already being dement) but she once took my bike keys and trying to get them back (in a hurry) she gave me a warning bite. My hand got swollen but local women came to help me with plant leaves sucked in garlic oil and medical herbs…o wonder my hand healed within an hour!!! I have ever since been impressed by local medical/herbal wisdom. Even at the time I was not able to raise official interest in the zoo’s animals’welfare, but for looking for a mating match in an Indonesian zoo for the urang utang. I was not able to build a cage for the asian bear but Moster was able to do so. Unfortunately I have been victim of a mafioso family called Doblas in Pitalo village near San Fernando church on the Southern highway, who stole my boarding house and had me driven out from it. Thats why father Tropa was so kind receiving me and allowing me to live in the Zoo. I am now 58 years old and still planning to return to the Philippines for good soon as I am 65 years old. If I can keep contact with you and prepare for my return and I maybe do soemthing for the Zoo from Europe meanwhile. Part of the animals went to father Tropa’s project in Dumaguete, which I visited in 1996 and where I found the lion from whom the teeth and nails had been removed by a crazy cruel chinese miljonair to protect his children! Even there I found smal monkeys in around cage twice the size of a football! horrible to be seen! please give me a sign of life!!
    Dr Alfred Vierling
    The Netherlands Holland

  23. so sad to see those recent scenes of cebu is very hurting upon looking at those helpless hurts me a lot coz when i was a child i always been there at the zoo.i think we should take action for that just to save lives of these helpless living things.thanks a lot

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  25. reply from one wildlife conservationist

    Good day and thanks so much for the email. I am sorry for the delayed response though as your letter slipped thru my inbox cracks.

    Yes, I share your grief over this matter. I have been to Cebu City Zoo in the early 1990s and at that time, it was well maintained. It is terrible to see the state where it is in right now.

    I believe the best thing to do is to send messages to the city government and rattle them about the situation. I am quite certain though that the Cebu Zoo is a private entity, thus, the government might just do anything, which is not very surprising in the Philippines, as you well know.

    But the governor seems to care much about the image of Cebu in the international scene, so I guess she might care to do some things.

    There’s a private zoo in Cebu called Crocolandia (I’ve been there and it’s great). The sensible thing to do, of course, is for these animals in Cebu Zoo to be transferred there, that is, if the owners of Cebu Zoo would agree. Sadly, setting these animals free in the Philippines (honestly, I now have a different opinion regarding zoos. I don’t think we need more zoos at this age. What we need are more natural preserves and protected areas), especially the native or indigenous species, won’t be the best thing to do, since these animals have been “domesticated” in some respects.

    There are also great NGOs and volunteer groups in Cebu and in the country. One is the Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (they have a website). Thank God that these NGOs and peoples groups exist, to give balance to sanity, since most of our government agencies are run by insane people anyway.

    I guess that’s my view on the issue you raised. I do hope it can give you some insights.



  26. wahhh… huhuhuh.. this is so sad.. bitaw I agree with the email above, we don’t need zoo, why not just close down this establishment if the cebu govt can’t do anything about it. Just give to NGO or wild-life preservation facilities .. this is so sad..

    To Miss Coco Alinsug.. ** Bow ** ko sa imo ma’am , grabe paspas kaau imong lihok ani ..

  27. naa pay isa ka response ani ley from other conservationist pero dili nako ma post diri, ambot ngano, ako gi send na lang sa imo email…echeck nya daw..

  28. For the government of CEBU: Plz take actions…whatever…our children especially the FAMILY needs a place like this to hang on & appreciates the beauty of God’s Creation. I have appreciated the FAMILY Park at Talamban…it’s good & safe for the Family. Are there any more places like this behind your excellent & very talented minds?

  29. ive been here when i was a child sad to see these present pictures ive seen……and dont have anything to boast with my child today..coz its typical almost nothing is there anymore…..hope our big ass daddy can see this situation asap…this place needs help….more they spent on those street lamps and now dili na mu gana!!!!!!…i think they spent much money on that thing and now it doest work anymore…instead make this cebu zoo a happy place again…were i can bring my children and let then know that im here then when i was a child…..

  30. Hi guys,

    Im so happy that many of us still care for animals or our nature… I just want to thank you all for that. But what should we do so that we will save the said Zoo? Can anyone make some move regarding on it? coz im very willing to help for that movement coz for now, I my self dont know how to help that said zoo or on what why. If incase someone knows how plz let me know coz im very willing to help. Just tx me on this number and let me know with this concern. 09105667087

  31. I want to take my 8 year old son from Dipolog to see the zoo this march 09….But if this is the condition.. Its too sad ..Has the zoo been improved..??? I can only hope so for the sake of those poor animals…..Patrick Walden

  32. Kinsa naa Email address sa Imbestegador or XXX dapat ni ipa-media aron molihok ning mga tawhana… Mas maayo pa ila ning ipa-atiman sa mga private zoo.. kaysa ingon ana ang kahimtang…

    Hello DENR 7 naa pa naman ang regional office sa Cebu wala gyud nakabantay ani…

    Cguro kung dako ni ug income nga establishment daghan ang mag-ilog ani… unsaon wala na may makurakot ani nga place cguro… hurot na gani diay cguro ug kurakot… mao ning na ingon ani…

  33. what a reality! The Cebu Zoo is abandon and we need to save it!!

    The same situation in the Zoo Paradise in Negros Oriental when I visited the Lamplighters in Sanglan, Negros Oriental.

    Please do email your Mayor and tell him to save Cebu Zoo.

  34. Hello.

    I have built a clean modern international standard aquarium museum on Mactan Island (Mactan Island Aquarium) its not as big as Manila Ocean Park, but maybe you would like to visit and write an article about it. It is educational all about the marine life of Cebu, having 35+ Aquarium exhibits, including small sharks. Everything is kept in top health and condition and clean.
    Hope you can find us, and hope Cebuanos will be proud to have this new Aquarium.

  35. hello djt.

    i heard about the Mactan Island Aquarium a few months ago. I’ve been meaning to check the place out but I’ve been busy. I’d like to visit the aquarium one of these days. Thanks for dropping by.


  37. We just had our educational tour today. It was the first time i got to visit the zoo, and my first impression was that it was kind of … empty. The first thing I noticed was that large subdivision wall, and hollow cages up ahead.

    They told us to minimize noise and camera flashes because the animals may go wild, especially the monkeys, but come to think of it we only saw one, which we we allowed to touch. He was really young, called Mike – and they told us they removed the other monkeys because the females were pregnant and may miscarriage due to stress.

    There were a few birds too, and I really remember that red parrot, the one in the picture that looks ‘bored’. It bit me to bleeding point, and I remember the cage being small, as in songbird-small. I sat beside it, saying hi, then tried giving it a few crackers – the food bowl was filled with empty nut shells. Nipped me at the bottom of the finger, and now I’m having problems holding things. Skin ripped like a ‘C’ on the knuckle and a pierced vein on the palm. I guess it was really hungry.

    They only had two bats, three snakes, and ONE piranha. And the cages were rusting and stuff, and the piranha looked ready to go belly-up from isolation.

    The hornbill and a civet cat did manage to nip a few of my classmates.

    They had rabbits that looked REALLY ruffled up. And there were two other civet cats in a cage. One was eyeing food the others were bringing… and the other wasn’t moving. We took a closer look, and it was blind in one eye – just like the monkey in the pic. We went down a little after, and saw just one goat next to a punching bag. We called it ‘Manny’ then.

    The zoo only had one tiger, with inborn polio. It was limping around in a really, really tiny cage – smaller than the one they kept the two civets in.

    After reading all the comments about how nice it was, now I can’t help remembering all those donation boxes everywhere. I can’t believe the state it’s in now, after all the descriptions of its past. Although we enjoyed touching the civet, hornbill, Mike, and a croc, that was all there actually was to it now.

    They said that cages were now under construction, and they were getting a giraffe, a white lion and white tiger, and more animals. I hope it’s true, because that means the government are finally starting to do something about this.

    All aside, it was really brilliant of you to email those guys. These animals need a good home. I’m glad that you shared this with us, Coco.

  38. hi ley, first let me congratulate you for a very meaningful and informative blog. u just don’t have any idea how your entries made our day as OFWs living far from our beloved cebu.
    nwei, do you have any updates with regards to the zoo? i couldn’t recall having been there when i was a child though i sure heard of it before. it’s sad that it has been abandoned after fr. tropa’s death. more power to you!

  39. grabeh pud ni ka heartbreaking uy.. it really saddens me coz sa akong time na cge pa ko anha, 4-5 yrs old pa ko ato, (now im turning 26) almost every week gyd to. Si father tropa pa ang naghandle sa mga animals did2. in which I know pinangga kau ko ato nya coz everytime moad2 ko, he would tell me “sakay ka sa sawa?” and it was a very big sawa. gisud to nya og maleta. Fr, Tropa RIP.
    Somebody, please.. irevive ninyo ang cebu zoo. Nindot kaau nang naay zoo para maexperience pud sa atong mga anak ang atong naexperience sauna. the enjoyment and the education atong nakat-on about sa mga animals. Please lang, dont the let the animals die.. If wala man gani maka help gyd,then Please! let someone adopt the animal para naay maka alaga. :'(

  40. sorry lang gyud ninyo. walay goverment nga tao nga interesado sa cebu zoo kay dili sila ka kwarta ana. ambot lang sa goverment pa ba kaha ng lot diha. basin na baligya na sa mga rich pipol…

    1. @mr clifford, the government is clearly interested because the last time i visited, early last month, the zoo’s already in good shape. they’ll be adding more animals this year, too!

  41. this is now a challenge to the new admininstration of cebu city government. the huge amount of money they gained from SRP could also be useful in rehabilitating the zoo and its maintenance. This is our social responsibility to the nature. one(1) month ago, we decided to turned-over the captured serpent eagle(the monkey eating eagle)thru the effort of ABS-CBN, and station DYRF to the city government-cebu city zoo,and we will be expecting soon on on his/her pictures on this web-site

  42. We went to the Cebu Zoo in October 2010. It was in a much better state than our first visit back in 2008. In 2008, there was no tiger. All they had were monkeys, birds, snakes & a crocodile that you could poke w/ a long stick. Seriously, there was a long bamboo stick placed near the croc pond, probably just for that purpose. Unfortunately, the condition of the tiger was not good at all. It was kept in a small cage, not suitable for an animal of its size. The bottom of the cage is made of bars which is not suitable for an animal weighing as much as that poor tiger. The bars might have cause small blisters on one of its rear paws. The tiger didn’t move much while we’re there, most likely due to the blisters on its paw, the type & size of its cage. It certainly had difficulty walking on the bars & definitely not comfortable lying down on the bars. Because of the blisters on its rear paw, it limped so badly whenever it tried to move to reposition itself to a more comfortable spot. It was painful for me to watch that poor tiger. I’ve been to quite a few zoos in US, Canada, Malaysia & Singapore. That was the first time I’ve seen a tiger being kept in such a tiny cage. Most zoos (even small zoos in Malaysia) have a big confined area for the tigers to run around & play. Something needs to be done w/ the treatment of that poor tiger. I’m sure the WWF will not approve of the way that poor tiger is kept in Cebu Zoo. We plan to visit the zoo again next month. I hope to see improvement especially for the tiger.

  43. It lack of improvement, and you know why? they don’t really care about this stuff, poor animals, they don’t have freely to say everything that they were enslaved by the humans. No matter how try to convinced those government people behind this situation, they will not taken up an actions unless if all animals got sick and died. For best sake of an animals, I hope someday they will have to be volunteer and try to improve the habits of animals inside the zoo or to keep them to free into their respective environment because they lived their and they are related to our ecosystem which essential for us. SOMEDAY will the animals be better in their situation, I prayed for that.

    Every day in countries around the world, animals are fighting for their lives. They are enslaved, beaten, and kept in chains to make them perform for humans’ “entertainment”; they are mutilated and confined to tiny cages so that we can kill them and eat them; they are burned, blinded, poisoned, and cut up alive in the name of “science”; they are electrocuted, strangled, and skinned alive so that people can parade around in their coats; and worse.

  44. we are from new zealand and we went to the cebu zoo yesterday and excited to see the animals and mostly the tiger . we were discusted with the state of the place and when we go to the tiger i nearly cryed he had no water he was in a very small cage and limping his back leg .and very weak and skinny
    are these people blind?? what is wrong with you?? i will be supprised if this tiger lasts more then 2 weeks.
    that left me with a very bad image of how animals are treaded in the phillipines
    i have never seen a tiger and wish i had never seen the one i seen in the cebu zoo. next we noticed five black monkeys packed into a wooden crate hidden under a plastic cover with no room to turn around ??
    we did not continue our tour to veiw the other animals as we couldnt bare to see anymore mistreated animals

  45. I accidentally found this zoo in Google map so i started gathering info about this place.

    Then found this site.

    I really feel sorry for the animals…
    Usually animals in the zoo can survive longer than wild-life one but….
    In this zoo, i don’t think so…

    They are like a death-sentenced prisoner and just waiting for the final moment….

    I am not the person who usually leave comment to any web site but about this place,
    I could not help leaving message as a person who loves animals…

    I was planning to go there until see this site but now..
    I will not go there to feel sad….

    I hope some day i can visit there with full of smile….

    How about asking for donation during Sinulog 2013??

  46. I just got back from Cebu and saw the horrific conditions. I was appalled and very sorry for those animals. I have already written some letters to Peta and some other organizations but don’t know what else to do. This place would be shut down in the US. there is actually and alligator exibit with a ladder going right down into it. Patrons were walking down and petting the demoralized aligator. Luckily it did nothing, but if it wanted it could have had lunch.

  47. i used to live in the subdivision, I always loved going to the zoo to learn about the animals, but every time,during my visits to the zoo, or even, looking through my balcony, I could not help but feel sorry for the animals, the poor tiger and the monkeys(that used to be there) deserve better than the zoo.

  48. I spent a miserable day at this zoo and I’ve only experienced this similar gut wrenching sadness when visiting Cambodia’s killing fields. There were 16 or more monkeys being kept in tiny cages with enough room to maybe pace two steps. They looked me in the eye and I felt terrible, pure hurt. A few were just nodding their heads repetitively as if they were going through the early stages of madness.
    The crocodile which was ginormous had chipped teeth and red raw growths growing out of its mouth with hardly enough room to turn its body around. It takes one badly run zoo like this to tarnish your thoughts and views on Philippines and it’s people. Absolute disgrace. I’m sure father tropa will be turning in his grave.

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