Nights In Lambug

A week ago, Harry, Randy, Jan, Redjie, and I went to the beautiful southern town of Badian. We didn’t go there just to relax and have fun. We went there mainly for an environmental program which we hoped, however small, would eventually make a huge impact. The person who came up with this wonderful plan was Randy – a proud son of Cebu who wants nothing but the best for this lovely island home of ours. We called this short but very meaningful trip “Adventure With Mother Nature!” Hehehe.

We left the city at around 9pm Friday night last March 26. We brought two tents, enough pillows and blankets, and some ready to cook food items. Randy mentioned that we’d be sleeping in the tents that we brought. Interesting! He also added that we’d be pitching our tents on a public white-sand beach. More interesting! I stayed at the back part of the van – where the pillows and blankets were. LOL – because I was beginning to feel dizzy before we could even reach Carcar. So, while our van was busy braving the winding roads of Barili and Ronda, I was conveniently snoring my lungs off in my seat. Hahaha.

Lambug Beach in Badian. Awesome!

We reached Badian just a few minutes before midnight. We stopped near the market to buy something to eat. Randy got chicken bbq while the rest got balut. I didn’t eat anything because I was still kinda dizzy.

We reached Lambug Beach fifteen minutes later. Here’s the gang busy setting up camp. Hehehe.

When everything was in place, we all sat on the beach and finalized our schedule for the next day. Present during the brainstorming was, of course, Red Horse. LOL. I didn’t drink, by the way, because I don’t drink. Hehehe. 😀

The next day, we woke up to the most gorgeous sight ever! The beach was awesome! Were you able to get some sleep, Harry?

View from our tent. Wow!

We had noodles for breakfast. Yum!

After eating, we went to the town market to buy some stuff. Here’s a newly-developed part of the market. Looking nice.

It’s grill time!


This is what he had for lunch!

Time to eat!!!!

Eating with your bare hands. Makes any dish tastier. Hehehe.

Group shot before we went swimming. Hehehe.

Jan inspecting a tuyom.


Perfect for late afternoon drinks. Awesome!

The beach. Just gorgeous!

Kids having a blast!

After swimming, we went to the town hall to get some information about tourist visits and other tourism-related issues. Unfortunately, the office was closed because it was a Saturday. By the way, Satchmo tagged along. Hehehe.

We went to the town church instead. Here’s Randy taking photos of the church’s main entrance.

Redjie and Jan checking out the church interiors.

We also climbed up the bell tower.

Age-old bells of Badian church. Awesome!

Group shot. Hehehe.

We went back to the town market for lunch. Yum!

Then, we went to Kawasan Falls to inquire about fees, tourism facilities and services, and the involvement of the local government in the maintenance and preservation of the falls.

 After the short visit, we checked out the beach fronting the Matutinao Church. It was lovely!

We returned to Lambug just in time for supper. We had fried fish and chopseuy especially cooked by the owner of a sari-sari store near our ‘camp’. Hehehe.


The next day, we woke up early to pack up and prepare for our big trek.

Of course, we wouldn’t leave Lambug without a few souvenir shots. Hehehe.

Like this one. Hahahaha. Hang on tight, Redjie!

Awesome! Hahaha.


Now, how do we get off this thing? Bwahahaha.

We all had a lot of fun! I wouldn’t mind doing it again.


 Do watch out for my next entry – our very very very long trek from Alegria to Badian.

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