The El Salvador Beach Resort Getaway

If you want a quick getaway from the fast city life, pack your bags and go to Danao City. Just an hour away from Cebu City, Danao City offers an exciting hideaway which will surely relax your weary mind.

El Salvador Beach Resort has been around for quite a while now. However, major improvements weren’t started until a few years ago (maybe 2004 or 2005). El Salvador used to have these small Wigwam Huts (Php400). Now, bigger and better rooms take the place of these “roofed beds”. Here are some photos of my weekend getaway with my family at one of the most popular beach resorts in Danao City.

The nice looking pool of El Salvador Resort in Danao City, Cebu

Fountain near the main entrance

Welcome to El Salvador Beach Resort

A tiny souvenir shop located across the reception desk of the resort.

Function Rooms of El Salvador Beach Resort

Garden View Rooms

View of the veranda of one of the rooms on the second floor.

The hammock area of the resort is perfect for late-afternoon naps.

Playing pen for the young ones.

View of the Kiddie Pool as seen from the garden.

Nice, well-trimmed path to the beach.

A statue of Jesus in the garden adds to the garden’s quiet and peaceful vibe.

More expensive rooms of the resort. I heard some of these were priced at more than PhP 2,000 per night.

El Salvador Beach Resort’s own restaurant, called COCO Restaurant, offers taste but affordable treats.

The open space fronting the restaurant.

Hmmm. Sven can’t decide what he’ll get.

How about a glass of orange juice first?

Simple plated breakfast meals offered to hotel guests who stay overnight.

Check out the menu of Coco Restuarant below:

A relaxing and cool view from the restaurant.

A young kid plays with sand on the beach of El Salvador.

MCPB was here!

The beach is not that great. But it’s clean and safe.

One of the beach huts which is perfect when you want to read a book, sleep, or just relax.

Now, it’s time to check out the pools!

The children’s pool looking nice.

A bigger (and much deeper) pool located right next to a row of rooms.

This kid came to me and asked to be shot. Hehe.

Jacuzzi located near the bigger pool.

Swimming pool rules and guidelines. Please observe at all times!

A lifeguard’s high chair situated near the adult pool.

A Quiet Afternoon in Danao
Danao’s Hidden Gem
Tinap-anan sa Danao
The Guinsay, Danao Experience

Visiting the Danao City Civic Center
Siesta Sa Carmen Town Plaza

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