Conquering Mantalongon!

Today, the family, together with some uncles and cousins, went up on motorbikes to a mountain barangay in Dalaguete, Cebu called Mantalongon. Mantalongon is around 90 kilometers from Cebu City and one way to get there is by driving through an awesome dirt road which traces the steep slopes of the Dalaguetnon mountains.

Mantalongon, which is also where the famous Osmena Peak is located, is known as the Vegetable Basket of Cebu as  big chunk of the fresh produce which arrives in Cebu City are from this barangay.

Entering Mantalongon, the Vegetable Basket of Cebu

The road to Mantalongon is so dusty that by the end of your trip, your black pants would have turned gray and the area around your eyes not covered by your glasses would have produced an ugly mix of sweat and dust.

Yes, the trip was long and rocky but everything was all worth it when you’re moving at the back of the amazingly beautiful mountains of Dalaguete.

The beautiful mountains of Dalaguete and nearby towns.

The long and winding (and very dusty) road is quite scary so it is best to travel as carefully and as slowly as possible.

It’s amazing how they cut through these rocks to make roads.

After almost an hour of bumps and wiggles, we saw the first sign of clean, paved roads.

About ten meters later, we saw the arch officially welcoming us to Mantalongon!

Ten meters later, however, the road went back to ‘normal’.

Amazing forests of Mantalongon. Those trees look awesome.

We paused for a little while to see how everyone was doing. Dusty fingers, anyone?

Yes, the dust is so thick you could write a journal.

The tires all covered in white dust.

And my black pants have become gray.

Going back to Dalaguete proper after a quick break at the local market.

I can’t believe that vehicles actually move 50 kph on both directions along this small road.

We stopped by what locals called the ‘cable car’ platform. It was actually just a steel basket used to transport goods such as fresh produce to the other side of the mountain.

The ‘cable car’ from a different angle.

Wildflowers growing near the launching platform

The goods go to those two white pillars on the other mountain.

Although we’ve never really seen this one in action, I believe that this is quite a nice development.


Yep. They had to cut through this hard rock. Amazing!

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