Summer Destination: Obong Spring

One part of you wants to go to the beach. The other wants to go taste fresh water. Well, if you want to taste the best of both worlds, go to Obong Spring. In Obong Spring, you’ll see the two meet. Literally.

Obong Spring is a natural spring water system which flows very near the beach. The steady flow of fresh water (which in time turned into a pool), meets with sea water when the tide is high.


For the wild ones, jumping off this huge rock could be fun!

Children enjoying the cold fresh water.

See that tree? The spring can be found underneath that.

You can set up a picnic table virtually anywhere.

Dressing Rooms and Lifeguard’s Post.

A few steps away…. the sea.

The Dalaguitnon beach

If you stick around long enough, you’ll meet fishermen selling their fresh catch for LESS.

When the tide (of the sea) is low, you can actually see the floor of that shed.

The ‘pool’

Amazing Sibonga Fiesta
Conquering Mantalongon!



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  1. Leylan, what a beautiful tourist spot! I’ll show off this one to my kids.=)

  2. islandcruzer // April 27, 2007 at 3:15 am // Reply

    Hmmm. I think this will be one of my destinations when I get there in June! Thanks Leylan! This is one place you can truely relax. I hope. =)

  3. hala oi! kanindot ba ana, one of a kind. but its too far from Carmen. need to stay there for a night or two. and besides im scared of that winding road.

  4. Where is Obong Spring located? We will be in Cebu this June and would like to take a road trip around Cebu and visit the nice places you have featured here. Any suggestions about where and what to see? Will appreciate it if you could e-mail me.

  5. Asa man ni dapit bai?

  6. Obong Spring is in Dalaguete, Cebu. Actually, it’s in the last baranggay before you reach ALCOY. So, watch out for the “OBONG SPRING” sign, when you see “ALCOY AHEAD”.

    Entrance is around 10 each.

  7. I was able to visit this place few years ago when I was in college. The water is so cold, very refreshing. I am just checking MyBlogLog when I found this posting. Keep up the good work. For those who wishes to visit OBONG SPRING. ENJOY THE COLD SPRING WATER AT OBONG SPRING. This place is ideal this summer season.

  8. obong spring for me is the best, its so cold here
    We like the place coz its relaxing.
    It is sorrounded with many trees called dalaket.
    maligo tlaga ako pag uwi ko; enjoy myself.

    Hi too my friends there in dalaguete

  9. regards to all the dalaguetnon: ‘ang kalayo ay mikalatkat sa balumbong’

    I did’nt know that Dalaguete has such a beautiful nature’s attraction, not until I saw these shots. Definitely the water is cool and refreshing-love it. Is there any story written or talked about the source of the spring? how wide is the stretch of the beach are? is it one big spring or a mushrooms?

  10. how much ba ang budget from dgte if we take the south cebu trip in liloan? pwede ba mag tent at overnight dun?

  11. nakamatikod ko nga sa halos diay nga lugar nga dunay mga “DAKET or DALAKET” trees duna sad SPRING WATER, mao man sad gud sa dapit sa ASTURIAS kasagaran sa mga dunay spring water sa ibabaw ana duna sad mga “DAKET”.

    proud gyud CEBU kay byuti kaayo!


  13. pastilan, mga gwapa ra jud ang gipangregardz…hehehe

  14. bai,nindot au imong mga pics sa mga places before q mo uli ug davao bai pwde q favor mangayo qg List sa mga Falls ug Spring n nature jud au bai apili n lng pud ug place para dili q masaag…thank you so much bai….

  15. wow!ang ganda naman ng mga pic.salamat

  16. hallo kuya wernel,tnx sa mga nice and relaxing place na pic.kmzta na pala?

  17. anthony zhiene // March 5, 2009 at 3:34 am // Reply

    this is one place i kept on visiting if im home in dalaguete. Indeed,it’s really relaxing having a dip in Obong Spring. One Sunday,there was power outage from 6am till 5pm,i decided to grab my stuff and ride on a tricycle going to the spring. I just paid 5pesos for the entrance and one friend saw me and offered me fresh buko juice.that was awesome…i love Philippines,…Cebu,…Dalaguete. I must say,everybody is welcome to our place.Explore Dalaguete!

  18. mardie c",) // March 12, 2009 at 7:58 pm // Reply

    gida ko sa akong pamilya dinhi sa obong adtong sa akong pagbakasyon sa 2007 ug makaingon gyud ko nga pangadto gyud mo kay nindoooot gyud kaayo. nindot kaayo kay untouched pa ang lugar. duol-duol ra sya sa simala so hitting two birds with one stone ang inyong pag-adto didto. pagkalamia sa mga isda nga imong gi-post dhong oy, lab-as man gyud kaayo, gasiga pa ang mata, sinaw kaayo ang lawas. lamia ana tuwahon, tam-is kaayo na ang sabaw. sus, gigutom na ko gimingaw pa gyud. unsaon na lang LOLZ.

  19. Wow. Obong Spring. Base on the pictures, the palce is very nice. I think this place is perfect for a summer getaway. Even though the place are that big, they have some facilities such as dressing rooms and they also have lifeguards. Not bad.

  20. MARICEL ARCHUA // August 25, 2009 at 12:14 pm // Reply

    i went there last march lang…and there i taste the brackish water under that huge dakit tree… refreshing….

  21. nice to see that place again… i really miss that OBONG SPRING locally called as TUBIGAN.. dyan nko natuto lumangoy, i witnessed, how OBONG spring look like before since i was small,doin tarzan like lambitin from the roots of dalakit trees coz it was really really covered with dalakit trees, wala pa ung mga cottages or sumthing, and it was so fascinating. Its has been damaged before by 2 typhoons NITANG and RUFING, refering to the wideness of the pool and 3 dalakit trees feel down.then i remember also carmina villaruel and aga mulach, doing some clips to their movie, i forgot na the palabas name. thanks for the pics man, now homesick nasad ko,

  22. unsay sakyan para padulong sa Obong? taga cebu kung dako pero wala pa ko maka adto aning Obong dah. Murag nindot ni siya dah.

  23. it’s really nice cool place. been there for so many times and always wanted to go back. my kid really loves the place

  24. Dalaguete, obong spring very nice place. I know where dalaguete, my holiday nxt yr. ako nang adto on og maligo sa tobig mabognaw.

  25. we just want to visit the obong spring for our project in our major subject we just wnt to know how to get there. and how much it would cost to get there?

  26. Naa ba room pwede ma rent dinhi? medyo layo but i like. thanks…

  27. WOW!!!COOL PLACE…plaaning to go there soon w/ my friends…

  28. pwede ta magovernyt did2? medyo layo ang place..naa close cottages and pila ang room rates???

    • wala jd cottage dd2…purely the pool lang along the seaside…
      i’ve been there for how many times but still i can’t get enough of this spring..

  29. that’s true that no cottages near the spring but accommodation is available not far from the place.a minute ride to town (Dalaguete).

    • Stephanie Albaño // March 12, 2011 at 12:25 am // Reply

      hi maam… want to ask if pila ang rates sa imong giingon nga accomodation not far from the place? thanks kaau..

  30. hi 2 all cebuano and cebuana muzta kau lahat lalo n s obong miss q n kau ang tagal q n hnd nkkauwi jan anu n ang pinag bago

  31. bai asa ni dapit?

  32. im a manilena. im here here in cebu for working reason. i need a good place to hang up with my boyfriend. And this place is cool. Can we stay there overnight>?

  33. yeheyyyyyyyyy,,hapit na jud pista sa dalaguete,,maka ligo nasad ko og obong spring ani aipt.. kinsa mukoyog nako inig february 9-10, muoli ko sa amung, town,,,,mengaw na kayo ko sa akong kaligoanan,,hehehehhe,,din human laag laag sa plasa. hhehhheeh..

  34. hmmmmmmmmmmm,,,,,kanindot sa obong spring…

  35. Parang masaya dyan ah….


  37. How much the entrance fee? i want to know ASAP! thanks..Is it P10.00 lang?

  38. George Gordon Byron
    “There is a pleasure in the pathless woods;
    There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
    There is society, where none intrudes,
    By the deep sea, and music in its roars:
    I love not man the less, but Nature more…”
    ― George Gordon Byron
    tags: love-of-nature, nature
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