Dalaguete: Welcome to Tidet-Tidet Land

Dalaguete is one of the biggest municipalities in Southern Cebu. This quiet town boasts of laid-back living, lovely mountain villages, amazing natural wonders, and a rich (and very colorful ) heritage.

Dalaguete is widely-known for its pretty unmistakable Southern twang. While many other Cebu towns (especially as you move farther away from the city,) also have this similar accent, it is in Dalaguete where the accent becomes quite noticeable.

In fact, according to one funny anecdote, a bus driver plying the Southern route would usually blow the horn of his bus every time he reaches a new municipality. From Talisay to Argao, the passengers would only hear the same “tidit-tidit” sound. However, upon entering the town limits of Dalaguete, the sound would change from the stiff and solid ‘tidit-tidit’ to a soft and almost feminine ‘tidet-tidet’. Then, when they reach Boljoon, and the sound sways even more and becomes tideeeeet-tideeeet. Whenever I drive through Dalaguete, I always end up remembering this story (and usually end up saying words with a ‘sway’ myself.)

According to some, a more realistic explanation to this is the fact that the Southern tip is in very close proximity to the island of Negros (particularly the Negros Oriental side,) which shares the same accent. Note: my mom (who is from Negros Oriental herself) has the same accent and I totally love listening to her using this accent.

Anyway, enough talk. Let’s see how gorgeous the town of Dalaguete is.

The Municipal Hall of Dalaguete is located right along the South National Highway. You can’t miss it!

One of the numerous rocky beaches you will see while passing through the town of Dalaguete.

Check out the clean roads and sidewalks in Dalaguete. Lovely.

The town of Dalaguete has several corniches that offering an amazing view of the coast of Southern Cebu.

The Dalaguete Market, which is located opposite the Municipal Hall, is located right at the heart of the town.

Old Spanish-era houses still standing in Dalaguete.

Dalaguete’s iconic pink-colored elementary school.

Boats docked at a small inlet in the town of Argao.