Toledo City: Cebu’s Western Superpower

This weekend, the family decided to head West to the beautiful City of TOLEDO. Toledo City is one of the ‘founding cities’ of Cebu. It is also an integral part of Cebu’s early boom a few decades ago due to the operation of industry giant Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation. Enjoying its 2nd class status, Toledo benefited much from Atlas’ success. For a time, citizens of Toledo enjoyed the vast income generated by the company. During that time, basically EVERYONE in Toledo worked for Atlas. Even residents from nearby municipalities like Balamban, Lutupan and Asturias were on Atlas‘ payroll.

Then, in 1994, Atlas announced that it would go on a “care and maintenance scheme” and operation would have to be suspended (although key managerial positions were retained). They said that it was due to an unusually huge typhoon which flooded the copper mines resulting in delays. With Atlas’ closure, huge numbers of families were displaced and a state of ‘panic’ struck Toledo. Most families moved to Cebu City and other neighboring cities and towns.

Today, no more (or very little) trace of Atlas’ shutting down can be observed in Toledo. Business is back (as well as its residents) and the city is booming once more. According to analysts, no sudden economic crisis could bring Toledo City down (even Atlas’ closure). They say that the ‘drought’ that ensued after Atlas’ move was due to panic and not the city’s capability per se. Another reason they pointed out is that Toledo is the only westbound city in Cebu. The rest – Danao, Mandaue, Lapu Lapu are facing Bohol. With its port situated right across San Carlos City in Negros, and in between all western Cebu towns, there was no way that Toledo would drop to its knees.

The coast of Toledo. Also seen in the photo is part of Atlas Mining’s remaining ‘operational structures.

The port of Toledo serves as an important gateway to the nearby island of Negros.

The Toledo City market is looking pretty clean and organized. I have to commend Toledo City for keeping everything in order. Well done!

A relaxed and hassle-free afternoon in the city of Toledo.

A group of bikers from Cebu City grabbing a quick bite before hitting Balamban and the Transcentral Highway.

Interior of the Toledo City Market. It’s very clean and well-maintained.

It’s a busy day at the market.

The Toledo City lighthouse is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks.


More photos of Toledo City:

Pedicabs waiting for passengers outside the Toledo City Market (L)
Exterior shot of the Toledo City Market (R)


The Toledo City Lighthouse (L)

Newly-repaired road which leads to Balamban (R)


Delicious Fiipino food sold at a carenderia inside the Toledo City Market (L)

The Toledo City boulevard (R)


Have you been to Toledo City? What do you think of this city in the west?

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