Naga City’s Marine Boardwalk: Cebu’s Newest Tourist Destination

Last month, news of the opening of Naga City, Cebu’s new marine boardwalk broke the local Internet. People went crazy and exclusive photos of the recently-completed project were shared a gazillion times. Of course, I saw the photos, too. And like all other curious Cebuanos, I too, wanted to see it with my own two eyes.

So, during my latest round-south trip, I made it a point to have breakfast at Jollibee Naga Cebu. (This later proved to be a great idea because the place was still practically empty and the early-morning sun helped make the photos look better.)

Before you start asking why Naga just all of a sudden decided to build a boardwalk, let me show you this photo. This is Naga City’s public olympic-size pool. This beautiful pool is located right next to their covered basketball court, which is across the civic center, which is beside another basketball court, and a cultural center, and a tennis court, and a huge open space for festival and other major gatherings. You probably already got my drift.

All of those things I just mentioned are part of the city’s Ocean Park Bay Walk complex. And Yes, the city of Naga has been actively focusing on the well-being of its constituents and it’s amazing. If you ask any Nagahanon, you can easily see their pride when talking about infrastructure and government projects in their city. Heck, even if you’re penniless, there are tons to do at Naga City’s plaza even without spending a dime.

Another great addition to the city’s great-looking projects is the Naga City marine boardwalk. Check out my photos of Cebu’s newest tourist destination.

The Naga City Cebu Marine Boardwalk is 195 meters long and stretches right in front of the Ocean Park Bay Walk.

I must commend Naga for keeping their waters clean. It looks amazing!

Closer view of the railings installed along the boardwalk.

View of the original coast and the Ocean Park Bay Walk complex.

The boardwalk is several meters wide and is in fact perfect for open-air gatherings and activities.

I read in the news somewhere that food kiosks will soon open in various parts of the boardwalk. I just hope they don’t crowd the boardwalk with those stalls. Also, I hope cleanliness remains their top priority.

Notices and warning signs are posted in various parts of the boardwalk. Swimming, diving, throwing of garbage, smoking, and drinking strictly prohibited at the boardwalk.

So, what do I think of the new boardwalk?


Watch my video of the boardwalk below:

Have you been to the Naga City Boardwalk? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. im looking for a place to stay near cebu naga board walk, can you help me,ok ok lang kahit simpleng space importante may tutluyan

    thank you

    noel manuzon

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