Balamban’s New Mall

Just a couple of months ago, the Gaisano Town Center in Balamban finally opened its doors to the people of Balamban. The beautiful mall which kinda looks like the old Gaisano Country Mall in Banilad (which according to rumors will soon be demolished to give way to a hospital) can be found along the Transcentral Highway (just before the Balamban exit). When we dropped by two weeks ago, the mall component of the structure is still being completed. The supermarket and grocery, however, are already operational. The arrival of the mall will surely make shopping a lot easier for the people of Balamban! It will also surely encourage more investors to invest in Balamban.


Balamban’s newest baby. Awesome!

Looking lovely!

Gaisano Town Center, Balamban

Nice looking mall, don’t you think?

Nice. I can imagine a Jollibee occupying one of these empty stalls. Hehehe.

Eastern end of the mall being completed.

Close up of the few remaining stalls which have yet to be completed.

Ample park space.

Now open!

Check out the new Gaisano Town Center in Balamban now!

Balamban's Plaza
End Of An Era



20 Comments on Balamban’s New Mall

  1. same ra xa design sa gaisano bogo…

  2. glad to know na abli na diay ang Gaisano Town Center Balamban.though this can affect the local small businesses but a sign of progress in the town.this can also provide access to the nearby towns on their shopping time.

  3. very nice! i like the colours.

  4. inday myrna // June 28, 2011 at 3:56 pm // Reply

    Gaisano everywhere, I like them they’re handy. I shop the one in Danao City. Yes Ley its not complete w/o the Jollibee, i love the palabok. I like the colour too ianne. Tnx Ley

  5. Delza of Lacion // June 28, 2011 at 11:55 pm // Reply

    Bitaw it is nice but mora ni silag Walmart dinhi sa US that affects the local small time businesses but hey it is a sign of progress. Hope all goes well with the small time businesses.

  6. Wow cool. I like seeing developments in other towns of Cebu. Spread it across instead of concentrating in Cebu City.

  7. the next time nga mu laag ka buh , pakuyoga nya ku huh! nyc places jud cxa . daghan pjud ug places inside cebu nga wa ku ka ad2 , maong d sa ku mu ambition ug gawas sa nasud ! :)) happy trip & God bless sa imong journey leylander ! :))

  8. dha na nya ko mangompra

  9. Stephanie Villarisa // July 1, 2011 at 11:25 am // Reply

    WOW!!! had fun surfing your blog… heeee.. ^_^

  10. wow, ley, nice… booming jud and balamban, time to get some property there

  11. Ayos ang color! Congrats Balamban! (Ladies with long hair make this post perfect! :) )

  12. balamban one of the first class town in cebu … many investor were started by…congarats to the people of balamban…

  13. I like the design…very creative… not just like a matchbox type building…

  14. Hinaut maghimo sila ug kaugalingon nga parkering sa sikad-sikad, kay kung dili, tigaw kaayo ang traffic. Also I hope they will maintain the cleanliness and provide trash can as well. And most of all provide public toilets.

  15. taga balamban // November 12, 2011 at 11:59 am // Reply

    Maayo unta ibalhin ang highway diring dapita. Motadlas gikan sa Pondol to Cambuhawe then to Lacdon then to Breeding lapus paingun sa may hospital then sa Tunga.
    I believe if the govt. will build this highway, will attract many investors.

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