Under The Bridge

Today, I was able to make a quick stop at the park under the Cansaga Bay Bridge. The last time that I dropped by, the place was barren and just basically lifeless. Now, the place looks so much better. Kudos to the local government of Consolacion for making sure locals in the area can have a safe and fun place to enjoy.

The Cansaga Bay Bridge connects Mandaue City and the town of Consolacion. Although not exactly a shortcut, the route which crosses Cansaga Bay helps ease the usually heavy traffic at the North National Road. It also helps bring new developments to areas far from where the usual action takes place.

Check out the park under the Cansaga Bay Bridge.

So, I went to Liloan for an important appointment. On my way back to the city, I decided to do the Cansaga Bay route. On my way to the bridge, I saw these wonderful places:

Silot Bay and several sea-side structures owned by Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon.

Local favorite – A public beach resort in Silot Bay.

The “Free Silot Bay” movement – a movement against the ‘closure’ of a few portions of Silot Bay by a certain family.

The bridge and the resort.

So, when I reached the bridge, I made a right and headed down towards the park underneath.

Didn’t expect that the park now actually looks nice.

Lovely, right?

Well-trimmed greens and well-maintained plant-boxes. Not bad!

Several vessels docked near the bridge.


View from under the bridge.

The park fronting the small children’s playground.

Colorful playground to attract local kids.

Now, local kids have a decent and safe place where they can play and have unforgettable, fun memories.

Just below the park, I saw some kids swimming in the water.

Having the time of their lives!

Just by looking at the bridge, I’m pretty confident that the water is really deep.

And yet some brave local boys didn’t mind crossing the piers.

Brave and adventurous men.

View of the bridge and Mandaue City on the other side.

Lovely view. Do you agree?

This is how the bridge above the park looks like. Gorgeous, isn’t it?!

Check out the Cansaga Bay Bridge park now!

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