Gaisano Country Mall

Gaisano Country Mall is one of the biggest and oldest malls in Cebu City. Located along Banilad Road, this iconic mall is a breath of fresh air in terms of architecture and style. A member of the Gaisano store chain, Gaisano Country Mall is frequented by students from the University of Cebu (which is situated just across the street,) as well as residents and workers from nearby areas. Gaisano Country mall has six cinemas, an entertainment center, a grocery store, restaurants, banks, service centers, and a Bowlingplex, among others.

The main facade of Banilad’s Gaisano Country Mall.

The parking space in front of the mall is big enough to accommodate a couple of hundred vehicles. It is also usually used for various events like concerts, outdoor barbecues, bazaars, and even carnivals.

One of the most interesting parts of the mall is the walkway which takes guests from the main highway straight to the mall entrance.

View of the main mall and its pretty impressive design.

The foyer area gives guests a quick access to all the different parts of the mall.

Of course, there’s Jollibee.

Right across the mall is the Gaisano Bowlingplex which houses a multi-lane bowling alley and a billiards hall.


What do you think of Gaisano Country Mall and it’s pretty unique architecture? Let us know in the comments below!

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