Trailing Through Old Carcar

I’ve seen the old photographs and I’ve heard the stories. But I’ve never seen them with my own eyes. I’m talking about the old railways of Cebu.

Did Cebu really have railways and trains in the past? The answer is definitely ‘yes.’ But human as I am, I wanted some proof! Hehehe.

Luckily, Arnold and Markki were kind enough to answer my questions and show me some proof that yes, Cebu had railways and trains in the past.

Ruins of an old train station in Carcar City, Cebu.

A small bridge/viaduct somewhere in San Fernando, Cebu. The rail is no longer here. But the trains used to zoom past this area.

Arnold in action.

Markki and his nice camera.

The bridge/viaduct.

Closer look.

We then went to Carcar City to check out the old town market.

The old town market. Really nice.

I wonder what this structure was for.

Then, we dropped by the ruins of the old train station. But first, here’s an old photograph of the train station.

Wow. So surreal.

One of the many doorways of the station.

View from the side. We weren’t able to get in.

We also checked out this other spot.

That’s one of the piers of an old bridge which used to hold the railway.

Yes. That’s the same pier in the second picture. Awesome!

Close up!

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