Pasko Sa Sugbu 2007


Hay salamat! It finally stopped raining! Yes!

 The weather was nice so we went to Fuente Osmeña to see the nightly cultural presentations for the ‘Pasko Sa Sugbu’ Program. This yearly activity features talents from different government organizations, private groups, and schools and universities in Cebu. Tonight, the University of Cebu dance troupe performed. Once again, the dance troupe of UC delivered. The group is actually on my top 3 list. My top 3 are

1. USJ-R’s Adelante

2. UC’s troupe

3. USC’s troupe.

After the hour-long show of awesome dance and song numbers, I was ready to shoot the ‘parols’ scattered all over the circle as well as the unfinished, Landoo-attacked Christmas Tree, when my mom said that we needed to go home. The parols, by the way, are the semi-finalists for the Parol-Making Contest held every year. They are awesome!

Anyways, my mom wanted to go home because she wanted to catch ‘Marimar’. ‘Ma-crash na ang eroplano ni Sergio! Pagdali!’, she said.

 Note: Some of the photos are not clear because I had to use the ‘Night Landscape Setting’. And since that setting requires a tripod -which I don’t have, bwahahahaha-, some photos just didn’t go out as expected. Hahaha. Anyways, at least kabalo mo unsay nahitabo ba. Hehehe.


Sinulog Introduction/Opening

The strong and sturdy stage sponsored by [guess who—- drumrolls!] San Miguel. LOL.


Pasko na gyud! Yey!

By the way, UC did an awesome ‘evolution of dance production. Dances from the 50s to the 80s.


Flower power

Colored hair