MCPB - New Carcar City

The Rise of a New Carcar City

Carcar City is a 5th-class component city in the Province of Cebu. It is known for its tasty lechon and a host of delicious delicacies. More importantly, it is well-known for its beautiful age-old homes. The preservation of these heritage structures has been one of the city’s top priorities.

However, this has become quite a challenge in recent years. You see, as progress continues spreading to other parts of the island, these structures will never be fully safe. So, with new businesses opening in Carcar and foot traffic increasing by the day, the city had to think of ways to ride the wave of progress while protecting its treasures.

The city’s decision to turn the traffic flow away from the old districts was a wise move. In fact, by creating new roads and basically building a new city center, Carcar kept its cultural treasures safe while also welcoming progress with open arms.

The new Carcar City is very different from the one we knew ten years ago. As a matter of fact, in recent years, Carcar has expanded its roads, and created open spaces for both locals and visitors. Additionally, it has built new government centers and offices.

This is the new City Hall of the City of Carcar. It is several stories high and features a function hall, offices, and even pocket gardens.

Take a look at one of the pocket gardens within the city hall complex. Doesn’t that look refreshing and pretty? Exactly what you need to see during a busy day at the city hall.

With its modernization, Carcar has kept a few key elements that make the city unique. These patterns, for example, can be seen in modern structures all over the city. The same pattern can be seen in some of the city’s most popular heritage structures like the Carcar City Museum and the rotunda kiosk.

Before Typhoon Odette hit Cebu in December of 2021, the City of Carcar officially inaugurated its new sports complex.

The new complex has a rubberized track, an oval for sporting events, and plenty of open space for activities and gatherings.

In front of the standard oval is a grandstand that can accommodate quite a number of people.

Here’s a view of the oval from the topmost part of the grandstand.

The field in the middle of the oval is perfect for sporting events like football and baseball.

On the other side of the grandstand is yet another grandstand. This one is facing a swimming pool.

Take a look at the Olympic-sized swimming pool of the City of Carcar.

Additionally, the city was also able to build a new public market and terminal.

There is no doubt that with the new development, we can expect more amazing things to happen in Carcar in the next few years. However, as it grows and expands, we can only hope that the city will continue to be as passionate and as vigilant in ensuring the safety and protection of its cultural and heritage gems.

For now, well done Carcar!

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