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Take a Look at Naga City’s Cobonpue-Designed Pasilong sa Naga

Nagahanons have a lot to be excited about. Aside from the dazzling 5000 Christmas lights in their plaza for Pasko sa Naga 2020, the city will also soon be reopening its marine boardwalk. In addition, the soon-to-be-completed Phase 2 of their boardwalk will be opened to the public in 2021. If you thought that was already exciting, I have to tell you that there’s more. Naga City’s Pasilong sa Naga is nearing completion. And I can confirm this because I was able to take a quick peek during my last visit. Take a look!




Pasilong sa Naga Rendering

Before we proceed, let us take a look at the available project plan that we’ve already seen.

From the looks of it, the project is going to have well-kept lawns and footpaths shaped like rings. There are also ring-shaped benches and even water features right in the middle of the square.

From the top, it appears that the different man-made elements were designed to fit the existing trees in the area.

Pasilong sa Naga Up-Close

Now, let’s take a look at what the real thing looks like as of December 2020.

In case you’re wondering, I was given a permission by the city government of Naga to enter the park and take some photos.

Once again, thank you Naga City! 🙂

Work is still on-going. For this reason, the Pasilong park is still strictly off-limits. The other parts of the massive Naga City Park are already open, though.

Bright Lights

Before it became Pasilong sa Naga, this area was the city’s main park. Do you remember what it looked like? Take a look HERE.

For Pasko sa Naga 2020, beautiful, bright stars cover the trees found inside the park.

Aside from the ring-shaped walkways, I also noticed a walkway which traces the edges of the park. I am not sure if they will also turn this into a ‘ring’ walkway.

Designed by Kenneth Cobonpue

This is what the main ring in the middle of the park looks like. A no-entry sign is placed in front of it to discourage people from trying to get in and see the place up-close.

If you squint a little, you will notice steel bars protruding from the middle of the ring. If I am not mistaken, these bars will support the structures which will be placed in the area.

It’s interesting to note that a lot of greens and trees in the area were left untouched eventhough the project was already in full swing. Good job, everyone!

In this photo, you can see Metro Gaisano Naga in the background. The building now occupied by the famous shopping brand used to be the city’s main sports gym.

Here is a closer look at the ‘ring’ footpaths. I love the fact that the materials used looks pretty sturdy and neat.

I can already imagine the countless Nagahanons leisurely relaxing in this area once it opens. They are so lucky to have such world-class areas of relaxation.

I noticed the restrooms at the edge of the park. The whole structure is so well-designed and it looks and feels very premium. Which is always good.

I cannot wait for the Pasilong sa Naga park to be fully operational. I just know that it is going to look fantastic.

What do you think of Naga City’s Pasilong sa Naga? Let me know in the comments below!

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