Life Under the (Mactan) Bridge – Part 2

Four years ago, I blogged about my very first time under the First Mactan Bridge. I shared photos of what life was like under the bridge (Mandaue City side). If you’re unaware, hundreds of families live under the First Mactan Bridge. A lot of these families live on the edge of the water. And an even bigger number resides IN the water itself.

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered for the first time that the road right next to the Mactan Bridge (Lapu-Lapu side) which leads to the area under the bridge, was actually open to vehicles. I’m not sure if they decided to open this just recently or if this road has stayed open for a while now. I’m not even sure if vehicles are actually allowed to go in. But I decided to try my luck anyway because I really wanted to know if it mirrored the one just across the channel.

This road leads you straight to the park under the First Mactan Bridge (Lapu-Lapu City side.)

The road is quite short. Less than 200 meters, if I’m not mistaken. I was a bit disappointed that there were some steel railings blocking the road. But I forgot all about them as soon as I saw the view right in front of me. Wow!

I got off my bike and started walking around the ‘park.’ There were several people in the area so I felt safe. This structure looks like it could be a tiny restaurant or store.

I kept walking towards the water and discovered that this was literally an unfinished seaside plaza.

Check out this wonderful view of the plaza and the super gorgeous bridge on top.

At the edge of the park, you can see that this area under the bridge is actually quite shallow.

Check out this lovely view of the Second Mactan Bridge aka Marcelo Fernan Bridge.

I noticed a lot of kids riding their bike. The place is actually perfect for late-afternoon rides and strolls.

I also noticed some men fishing in the shallow water.

Right next to the bridge is the massive General Milling compound.

You can also see up close these massive vessels docked in front of the compound.

Here’s a wide-angle shot of the compound and the dock along the Mactan Channel.

This is what the park under the bridge looks like. It’s way better than the one across the channel.

I hope that they manage to keep this area open and free from illegal structures.

Check out this video I took during my visit:

Have you been to this park? What do you think of this development? Let me know in the comments below!

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