Catmon in Photos: 47 Kilometers From Home

47 kilometers from Cebu City, you will reach the tip of Carmen town and the first few barangays of the town of Catmon. As you keep moving towards the northern tip of Cebu, you will never fail to notice Cebu’s breathtaking coastline. If you’re planning a trip up North, make sure to take a break from your long ride and park that car by the road somewhere in Catmon. The view will blow you away!

Coastline as seen from the roadside somewhere in Catmon.

A quick break from the long ride.

Such an amazing view. Catmon is blessed with so much beauty!

View of the beach below.

Cebu’s North National Road

View of the winding road in Catmon.

The KM 47 Hinagdanan Resort is considered one of the most popular and most affordable beach resorts in the Carmen-Catmon area. Entrance Fee is only Php10 per person.

The descent is quick and easy. But the ascent is something else.

Have you seen Carmen’s amazing natural wonders? Let us know about them in the comments below!

0 thoughts on “Catmon in Photos: 47 Kilometers From Home

  1. Where can we find komodo dragons in Cebu? My kids
    would love to see them in person when we go there for our vacation in December. I saw one when I was
    teenager when we went swimming in some beach but
    I forgot the name of the place. LOL

  2. first time nko nakapag swimming sa km.47, i was in 2nd. yr. high school 1978. almost 30 decades now.
    its scarry to go down b4, better now cementado na. good on you leyland,

  3. mabuang ko ila resort!!! nag over nyt mi diha with my family!!!!!!!! wala jug kurente.. ahak au!! unya c.r nila common lang to public… wa jud au.. naa pay tubig tab ang nil a10 ang balde.. unya mki charge ta sa ato fon.. atot!!! 2o jud… y au.!!!

  4. and as far as im concerned,, daghan au lovers maoy mo rent sa ila close cottage… and its very disgusting because, ,imbis tourist spot na xa.. ghimong lover quarter….. unya its very kuyaw pa jud, ky ala gud electricty….

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