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Plaza Independencia During the Covid Pandemic

Times have changed. Just last year, Plaza Independencia, one of Cebu City’s most exciting open spaces, was loud and full of life. Today, however, with health and safety protocols in place all over Cebu, the famous plaza is almost unrecognizable. Take a look at these photos I took while the protocols are still strictly being observed in the city.

The main access road which separates Plaza Independencia from Fort San Pedro is usually filled with people. In fact, some people would even have to sit on the sidewalks.

The iconic Fort San Pedro is still closed to tourists. And the only people that can now be seen in the area are occasional joggers who are usually gone by 7 pm.

The main park is closed to the public. In fact, the benches and seats have been flipped to discourage people from staying in the area.

A barricade blocks the entrance to the beautiful ‘Memor Lane’ which is located near the main entrance.

Access to the children’s playground has also been blocked. Several signs are posted near the entrance.

Normally, the roads around the plaza are teeming with life even at 9 pm. This photo was taken just a few minutes after six.

The northern side of the plaza (road going to the Pier) is also very quiet at 6 pm.

I hope by this time next year, we can all go back to this post and just laugh about how tense and ‘extra’ we all were.

Please stay safe, everyone!

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