MCPB - CCLEX Update - Jan 2021

CCLEX Update – January 2021

Hello, friends! Here is a quick CCLEX or Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway update. These photos were taken during a routine road-trip around the city earlier this month. In this update, you will see how the massive project is now taking shape. With the current structures in place, you can also now imagine how the whole thing would look like once completed.

Also, please note that these updates are from the Cebu City side of the development as, honestly, I still haven’t figured out where in Cordova the project is being constructed.

Anyway, here are the photos. Take a look!

CCLEX Update

View from Cebu City

Access Road

I just felt that I had to include this. This is the small road that connects the back portion of the Gotiaoco Chinese Museum to the SRP. I don’t know if it’s clearly visible, but the area is quite dirty. I hope they keep this area clean at all times.

This small road connects with the approach slabs of the SRP viaducts. Motorists that exit through this road have to take extra caution as vehicles from the Plaza Independencia area begin to accelerate in this part.

Viaduct Approach

As you move towards the viaduct, you will be able to clearly see the towering pylon on the left.

According to the official CCLEX page, the two major pylons (on both sides) have already reached their final height of 145 meters.

Tower 1

Here is a closer look at pylon number 1 with a portion of the bridge deck now connected to one of the smaller piers. The smaller piers that snake around the existing SRP viaduct will support the ‘off-ramp’ deck which would take motorists straight to the SRP.

As the bridge deck will be ‘crossing’ the SRP viaduct, you can clearly see the rising piers when you look up.

Off-Ramp Piers

Take a look at the piers now lined up right next to the viaduct. Who would’ve thought that it would look like this in just a couple of months?

The look of this area is forever changed with the construction of the CCLEX. I hope the construction of the bridge would also bring forth projects to keep the area clean at all times.

Here is a view of the piers as well as the service vessels that aid in the construction process of the off-ramp deck.

Pasil Fish Port

From the viaduct, you can clearly see something new and exciting being developed in Barangay Pasil.

You guessed it right. That is the new Pasil Fish Port which is now almost ready.

Moving forward, you will see the iconic tower of SM Seaside City Cebu, which, until now, remains closed to the public

This area has improved a lot. I hope that with the SM-Ayala partnership now in full swing, they would have projects to further improve this area.

View from Talisay City

Viaduct Approach

Let it be known that for the purpose of this post, I had to travel all the way to the Talisay SRP bridge U-turn slot just to be able to take photos from the opposite side of the viaduct. 🙂

If you haven’t seen this in person, I just want to let you know that this looks so beautiful in person. I can’t imagine what my reaction would be once this is completed. Haha.

On-Ramp Deck

The concrete barrier of a portion of the viaduct deck had already been removed to allow the construction of the ‘on-ramp’ deck right next to it.

Here, you can clearly see that a new deck is now in place. Once the barrier is gone, vehicles from Talisay can turn right and head towards Cordova.

From the looks of it, this portion of the ‘on-ramp’ deck is actually now almost done.

As you move towards the city, you can see that the gap between the viaduct and the on-ramp deck widens.

CCLEX Piers and Pylons

According to the plan, the two main pylons will feature a total of 8 crosses that illuminate at night.

In a couple of months, this view will be so much better. These are definitely exciting times for Cebuanos!

Take a look at how strong and massive the pylons and piers look.

This area near the viaduct approach is used by the construction firm as their jump-off point for workers needing to cross the channel to get to Cordova. In this photo, you can actually see a service boat leaving Cebu City and carrying workers towards the other side of the channel.


That’s it, guys! That was my update for January 2021. I will be making two or more updates especially when we start seeing huge developments in the coming months.

So, what do you think about the CCLEX? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. So glad to see this project progressing so well! It will really help with transit time from the airport to the city, and should help development in the SM Seaside area as well. I really hope travel opens up soon.

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