MCPB - Pasko sa Naga 2020

Stars Shine Bright in Naga City’s Pasko sa Naga 2020

On December 8th, the City of Naga officially welcomed the holiday season with Pasko sa Naga 2020. Since I was invited to attend the event, I was able to get inside the main field where the program was held. The event was beautiful. And I must add that they were very strict when it comes to safety and health protocols. In fact, entry to the venue was limited. Also, parking was prohibited in areas surrounding the plaza. In addition, everyone was required to practice social distancing. As a matter of fact, everyone was regularly reminded to properly wear their mask and practice distancing at all times.

Anyway, take a look at some of the shots I was able to capture during this event.

Switch-On Ceremony

The annual switch-on ceremony has been a tradition in the City of Naga. Each year, it coincides with the feast of the Immaculate Conception on the 8th of December. For this reason, the event also doubles as an observance of the feast.

All attendees were given a candle to light when the image of the Virgin Mary arrives.

The ceremony officially started when the image arrived after a short procession.

Naga is lucky to have plenty of open space to hold such events.

Before the lights were turned on, there were song and dance numbers. As expected, even the performers were wearing a masks

Near the end of the program, the city mayor gave a short speech. Then, it was time to turn the lights on. There was a short fireworks display, too. Welcome to Pasko sa Naga 2020!

Pasko sa Naga 2020

This year, around five thousand Christmas lights, adorned the trees and fences. There were also lights on building facades in and around the plaza. Take a look at the beautiful stars of Naga.

One of the most exciting areas in Naga City’s park is the soon-to-open Pasilong sa Naga. This small area right next to the old City Hall is a pocket park. The designer is none other than Kenneth Cobonpue. Read the separate post HERE.

Unfortunately, minors below 15 and senior citizens above 65 years old are still not allowed to enter the park.

Here’s a view of the boardwalk from one of the restaurants in the area. The boardwalk is still currently closed.

Christmas Belens

Inside the main open field, visitors can find 12 different Christmas displays. Local businesses sponsored these belens. Take a look at some of the designs this year.

The rest of the space is left empty for park goers to enjoy.

Watch this video of Pasko sa Naga 2020

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