In Photos: My First Time at the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park

More than a year after it was officially opened to the public, I was finally able to visit the much-talked-about Cebu Safari & Adventure Park. The Cebu Safari is probably the biggest attraction of its kind in Cebu and it is only natural that people would want to experience it first hand. Sadly, the rate to be able to access the park is quite steep. And with its distance from the city, my initials plans to visit it was ultimately pushed back.

Fortunately, my organization of local bloggers (the Cebu Bloggers Society) received an invite to visit the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park and to experience the park’s new rides and attractions for FREE. Knowing that this was an opportunity of a lifetime (hehe), I immediately signed up. Take a look at my photos from the recent visit!

Welcome to the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park!

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park in Carmen town, Cebu

According to the instructions, the coaster that would take us to the park would leave the city at 6 am. On the day of the trip, however, I woke up not to my alarm but to numerous text messages from my friends. At 6:30 am. I was so freaking late and I was pretty certain that they would all never wait for another 30 minutes just for me. So I contacted the person in charge (Glyth) and told her to not wait for me and that I would just be heading straight to the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park on my motorbike. Tsk!

I arrived in Carmen town an hour and a half later at around 8:30 am. I was kinda worried that the whole group had already started with the tour and that I would be missing out on a lot of wonderful attractions. To my surprise, however, I learned that the coaster was still somewhere in Danao City when I arrived because they got stuck in traffic in Mandaue City. I guess I wasn’t that unlucky that day after all!

While waiting for the whole team, I took photos of the arrival pavilion. The place looks pretty neat!

Ticket counter at the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park

Full rates and contact details below

They have a kiosk where you can choose your photos from the tour and have them printed straight away.

My friend Kedz of choosing photos to print out.

If you don’t want to bring your cash during such an ‘outdoorsy’ activity, you can always pay with your credit card or other cashless payment systems and applications like Alipay and the very popular Paymaya.

Payment options at the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park

Several minutes later, the team from the city finally arrived. In this photo, you can see the official mascots of the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park welcoming the whole team.

Popular animal mascots welcome guests at the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

We went straight to the briefing area for a short briefing on what and what not to do inside the park. Then, it was time for the start of the tour!

Official wristbands for guests at the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park
Entrance gate at the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park

On the other side of the gate was a jeep/truck which took all of us to the Basecamp in one go. At the Basecamp, we got ready for such a long day with a delicious breakfast.

On our way there, however, we passed by the gorgeous water fountain which features life-size sculptures of African and wild animals. It was such a sight to behold!

Safari Fountain at the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park

Take a closer look at the very realistic life-size animal sculptures inside the fountain pool.

After a quick photo op at the fountain, it was officially the start of the tour. Our first stop was the African Lion enclosure which featured one male lion and two lionesses.

A lioness walks past a resting lion
A lioness approaches guests at the clear glass panel
Drake takes a very intimate look at the gigantic female lion

Our second stop was the African Savanna enclosure which features some species of animals from Africa. It was simply gorgeously breath-taking!

Gemsboks and a Blesbok near a watering hole at the African Savanna enclosure
A Greater Kudu stands guard next to a banana plant at the African Savanna enclosure
A herd of zebras grazes near the tour trail
A Wildebeest stared long and hard at our truck as we passed by

Outside the African Savanna enclosure, we saw other interesting-looking animals we don’t normally see here in the Philippines like these llamas.

We also saw one of the park’s most popular residents – the giraffes.

Our third stop was the Birds of the World enclosure. The attraction features different species of birds gathered together in a gigantic caged garden.

Park guests (we) had to wipe their shoes clean before they were allowed to enter the enclosure.

Some of the gorgeous macaws inside the Birds of the World enclosure

Our fourth stop was the White Lion Safari enclosure. For this tour, we had to board a truck with glass and steel windows. All safety precautions are done because the lions are allowed to roam all over the enclosure and approach the actual tour trucks.

During our visit to the enclosure, we were able to see three very huge male White Lions resting in the shade.

After our animal tour, we dropped by the park’s massive Gardens of the World. This section features amazing species of plants we can never see here in the Philippines.

Various types of cacti and succulents at the Gardens of the World section

The section also features various icons from various parts of the world to indicate the origin of the different plant species on display.

Another interesting area that you will love at the Cebu Safari & Adventure for sure is Michel’s Garden. Michel’s Garden spans several hectares and features Michel’s Lhuillier’s massive orchid collection.

Beautiful blooms at Michel’s Garden
That’s me posing at Michel’s Garden
Hey, look who’s here!

The next order of business was to visit the park’s different adventure offerings. Our first stop was the ATV and Buggie adventure track.

Angel of anjville prepares to explore the park on her ATV
A guest begins his exciting ride through slippery slopes and rocky trails.

Next, we tried the park’s very exciting Zip Line. The Zip Line at the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park is one of the longest in Cebu with a length of about 1.3 kilometers.

Glyth of glitterscapades and Miguel of vivomigsgee prepare to ride the Zip Line

We also tried the exhilarating Sky Bike ride which lets guests cross from one platform to another on a sky bike.

That’s Ella of offdutymama boldly checking out the Sky Bike at the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park

We also tried the very exciting Giant Swing, which, I’m sure, will soon become the park’s most popular adventure ride. (Watch the full video below to see the Giant Swing in action.)

For our last stop, we checked out the Safari Camp – the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park’s very well-designed garden cabins for overnight accommodations.

Cabins at the Safari Camp
A roofed campfire pit at the Safari Camp

Check out the lovely interiors of some of the cabins that we visited at the Safari Camp:

A bedroom which can accommodate up to 4 people
A beautiful bedroom which is perfect for two people

Last but not least, take a look at the lovely infinity pool which offers an amazing view of the vast property below.

Now, imagine spending a quiet late afternoon here while enjoying the company of those who are very dear to you.



  • Attractions (Php800.00)
    • Bird Show, Flower Gardens, All Animal Exhibits (except White Lion
  • Attractions (Php900.00)
    • All Attractions + White Lion Safari
  • ATV Adventure Ride
    • Beginner (Php600.00)
    • Intermediate (Php800.00)
    • Advanced (Php1,000.00)
  • Zipline Adventure (Php450.00)
  • Sky Bike Adventure (Php450.00)
  • Giant Swing Adventure (Php450.00)
  • Zipline + Sky Bike (Php800.00)
  • Zipline + Sky Bike + ATV Beginner (Php1100.00)
  • Zipline + Sky Bike + Giant Swing (Php1100.00)

Cebu Safari & Adventure Park

Address: Toril, Corte, Carmen, Cebu 6005, Philippines
Email Address:
Telephone: (+63) 917 839 6758 (GLOBE)
(+63) 917 837 2243 (GLOBE)
(+63) 961 298 6336 (SMART)
(+63 32) 344 1095 (Mondays to Fridays 8:00 am – 5:00 pm)
Facebook: @cebusafari
Instagram: @cebusafari
Twitter: @cebusafari

Overall, my first visit to Cebu Safari & Adventure Park was truly memorable. I was finally able to see a lot of animals I would never have see on my own.

Have you been to the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park? What do you think about this popular tourist destination? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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