In Photos: The Carcar City Stopover

If you are heading South (Alcoy, Oslob, Santander, Dalaguete, Argao) or Southwest (Barili, Moalboal, Badian, Dumanjug), you can never miss the ever iconic Carcar City. Carcar is basically the ultimate pit stop for trips from Cebu City. So, it is easy to understand why huge amounts of trading and business happen here.

Now, how exactly do you know you’ve reached Carcar City? It’s quite easy. You’ll just notice able-bodied men shouting “ampaw! ampaw!” as the jump on your bus as soon as it hits the city limits. And if no one gets on the bus (which is impossible,) fret not. For all buses have this obligatory 5-minute stop for some quick chicharon and bocarillo shopping.

Carcar City’s iconic roundabout looks gorgeous from all angles.


Mini-buses headed to the city circling the Carcar City roundabout.

Local chicharon sellers can be found near the city market.

View of the road which leads straight to Cebu City.

The first Jollibee located farthest from Cebu City is situated right next to the rotunda.

A vendor’s backpack essentials: chicharon, ampaw and bocarillo.


Another view of the famous Carcar Rotunda.

More photos of Carcar City’s rotunda:

15 thoughts on “In Photos: The Carcar City Stopover

  1. They should outlaw people riding on the roof of buses! Attention politicians, makauulaw kaayo ni unya dili pa gyud safe!

  2. Land , wla natong mosyaget ug itlog mo noy init or itlog mo noy orange. Nagpa-siaw lang bitaw ko Land oi, hehehe.

    Kalame sa chicharon w/ chilled beer n coke. I show to my hubby the overloaded bus, he said they are silly there. Ang owner sa bus mapordoy dayon, cege palit ug bearing etc.

    Very unsafe talaga. Kulang sa discipline ang mga tao diha. Dapat dakpon sa pulis. Kaso lang may pulis na makuha sad sa dunol. So wala paring mangyari. Ambot a langaw.

  3. The solution for an overloading buses, is to make buses like in London, England, the double decker buses! It’s more appropriate. Don’t you think so?

  4. Hello greetings from paris, I’m a pure cebuana from sibonga. I was in cebu last week of May for a very short visit (8 days) to my family . Yes carcar is now becoming a center business area in the south.

  5. Hello Ley, may we use some of your pics for a photo stream/ppt? It is to emphasize the rich heritage of Carcar. Very much enjoyed your pictures. thanks for sharing!

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