The Guinsay Danao Experience: Exploring the Durano Foundation Complex

Danao is one of the oldest cities in the country. It is a growing industry hub in northern Cebu and it is the home of the famous Durano family. One of the city’s most well-known barangays is Guinsay. Guinsay, Danao is where the famous Durano Foundation Compound is located.

Check out the photos to see why this place is a must-visit.

The Durano Foundation compound is amazing!

Highway to Danao (Northern Cebu.) This photo was taken somewhere in Liloan.

The rocky beaches of Danao City. A very relaxing view, don’t you agree?

One of the many industry giants in Danao City – Mitsumi Phils.

If you notice this church, you’re in the right spot.

Now, as you drive through Danao, you will notice a huge piece of land owned by the Durano Family. The famous family used this parcel of land to build a school, a church, and a mausoleum for the patriarch. The place is totally breathtaking. And clearly, the people behind this project shelled out a fortune to create such an amazing masterpiece.

You will see a life-size last supper tableau complete with all the disciples.

Of course, you will also see a life-size statue of Jesus.

You will also see the Holy Family.

If you notice those small ‘huts’, they are kiosks which house the different ‘stations of the cross.’

You will also see the Nativity scene.

There is another depiction of the last supper inside a dome.

And you will see a complete collection of the busts of all popes and saints. Each bust contains short info of the pope, too.

Here is a statue of Jesus with a cross, on top of the Last Supper dome.

A statue of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.

What do you think of the Durano Foundation Compound?

48 thoughts on “The Guinsay Danao Experience: Exploring the Durano Foundation Complex

  1. I love Danao! I used to go there when I was young
    because my late father & late sister used to work for them. My older sisters used to party with the son, they tugged me along with them. =) I remember crossing from one end to the other end of the island in a speed boat driven by Teddy. Thanks for the gorgeous
    pics! I will defintely visit there in December.

  2. durano foundation is a lovely place to visit specialy holy week time located in dunggo-an danao city, we have small house close to that place actually its located behind the use to be called durano cement plant, we attend our sunday service at the durano foundation church. i feel homesick a little looking to those picture thanks anyway. have a nice day.

    1. i born at danao, but i grow up her at mindanao. I really want to go there to see danao and to meet my relatives. My mother’s family name is Cuizon.

  3. i’ve been 2 foundation church once, christening of isabel grandaughter natalie. im one of the ninang.

    mabuhay ang mitsumi!!! it helps lots of people. my ssta is one of the pioneer in mitsumi. keep the good work people, to keep mitsumi going.

    i live in duterte st. danao for few years w/ my auntie. thats early 80’s really a nice city, so much now.

  4. hi, im not from danao but my heart was left in danao, i was inlove with a girl from guinsay danao daughter of Patricio Batucan which is Cristy Batucan. I use to sleep over in there house, magduwa sa iyang mga couzins, i cant really forget the time when i was sleeping in her room, when i woke up she was standing beside the door waiting for me to wake up, when i woke up siya jud ang una nakong nakita then she hug me in the bed and ask me ”love ko nimo pa?” sweet man gud kaau si cristy gud, as in mabuang jud ko niya. mao man amo tawagan pa ug ma..hehehe bitaw oi, dako jud ako pagmahay nga nagkabuwag me coz siya unta ang girl nga akong gustong pangasaw-on, bisag naa nako diri karon sa ireland siya lang gihapon ang akong perming handumon. i just wish na magkabalik me inig abot sa right time.

    pls kung kinsa man gani nakaila ni cristy batucan from guinsay danao pls nalang ko tel niya na she’s still the one i love and shes still the ma in my life.

  5. I did go to church once in guinsay danao with my girlfriend and her family and couzins, i really miss the time going to chruch with my ex-girlfriend, i miss everything in danao. i miss CRISTY BATUCAN soooooooo soooooooooooooo much

  6. hi..

    im going to cebu for a vacation and my friends and i are thinking of going to danao from malapascua…. how do we get to danao from malapascua? how far is it from malapascua?

    thanks in advance!

  7. ….hi… i miss guinsay,danao city…jan ako lumaki!!!!..lots of wonderful kahapons there…walking dstance lang kami going to foundation ,the st.anthonys church…wish ko lang pagtanda ko…sana jan na ako mag stay….hi s mag amiga ko diha…and mga classmates in sto.tomas high year 1983…..

  8. …oh my…hi diay to JOY&DODONG MANINGO….and to manang ESTELLE &BOY ERMITA there in dunggo an,danao cirty….nang cress in lilo-an….mabuhay…danao,cebu!!!!

  9. i miss guinsay so much… i grow up in guinsay in san antonio rd (atbang foundation), foundation was my playground before especially during florist de mayo. guinsay is the biggest baranggay in danao, I was in guinsay last march for vacation its nice to see my family and friends there. For me there no place like home. Thank you ley for taking time to visit guinsay and posting the pic here. Im here in toronto canada big city everybody is busy but for me guinsay danao is quite and simple place its nice to lived there, when i retire im going back to guinsay my place my home.

    1. i love danao guinsay too, my brod oscar rallos and his family live there now, i build a house for them. i always visits them, but my brod died,but they are still there, they like it there in guinsay, come visit guinsay danao sometime and the foundation you will enjoy that. i will see you mostly every september. love you all,

  10. dianne – yeah, you’re right. sorry, my bad..

    June 07, 1961 – danao
    July 07, 2007 – carcar
    June 17, 1961 – lapulapu
    June 21, 1969 – mandaue
    September 2, 2007 – naga
    December 30, 2000 – talisay
    February 24, 1937 – cebu

    apparently, danao is the second oldest ‘city’ in cebu.

    corrected my post. thanks.

  11. i have a long time boyfriend in guinsay danao for almost 6 years & im from mandaue..its a long distance relationship but for me no matter how far da distance is,how we missed with each others company..i dont let the distance be the hindrance of our relationship..we really luve each other.. i luv da place so much..i will always treasure the memories we had.. & im still thankful until now .. kami gihapon niya..long live..hehehe..

    send my regards sa mga BATULAN sa danao..hehehe..chao

  12. diri ko sa foundation na-assign pag vocation campaign nako this year(2009)… bahalag gamay ra ang mga paroyano, nalipay gihapon ko sa akong experience sa foundation… at least naa koy mga bag-ong naila… won’t forget my experiences in danao jud… mayta makabalik ko sa foundation inig holy week… ambot lang…

  13. Hello Seminarian, taga diin man diay ka. How sad kung wala ka kabalik this Lenten Season pro at least your happy during your vocation and meeting new people there.

  14. i really mis guinsay,my barangay,,i have a lot of memories,including my childhood days until i get married coz taga dha raman pud akng bana..we really love each other evnthough as of now nagkalagyo mi..ang ako lang jud ika comment dha sa guinsay is dghns jud nt saying na abi taga guinsay for sure bisan barangay lang na nd dli pareha sa danao jud na dghans tawo bt nindt ghapon….na miss pud nako ang basktball dha,,aligre jud au ai if naay liga,lingaw hoping by nxt year maka uli ko arn adto ko mag holy week nd maka suroy ko foundation,,,..mau unta…PUHON,,hehehe

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  16. i REALLY Love my Hometown…
    this is the only place we’re i found love from the people living in Guinsay..
    especially my family in there….
    The CUIZON’s Family
    i love them all!!!
    if you would ask me where i found
    HAPPINESS, i would always choose the CUIZON’s Family
    soon i will show everybody how much i love Danao….
    i like to grow old with my family here in Danao…
    for me there is no other place
    that is more satisfying & breath taking..
    than DANAO..

    bHaBy sNoBeR=]

  17. i was born in suba, danao city. Pero sa una permi mi manuroy sa guinsay. I remember during sa lubong ni manong amon i was in my elementary days grabeeee puno gyud na ang foundation. During holy week permi mi diha with my family…Hope by this 2010 ma ka visit ko ug balik diha sa foundation with my own family.

    1. do you know jose lawas of ilaya? he is a good friend. which part of danao are you, family, etc. i am originally from danao but have been in the carribean for 20 years. keep in touch. please no facebook.

      ruben real

  18. when i visited Guinsay ,the first time in 1988–IT blew my mind!!!- a stubbie of sanmiguel was only 3p !!!!!! wow—nice people/good food/great place-elsalvador beach resortin danao Cheers

  19. Danao has gone to the dogs! It is over populated, dilapidated, polluted and very dirty. Not at all the lovely place that I once knew and loved. All one has to do is dig in to Danao’s past to understand what’s happened.

  20. reply–As far as Danao gone to dogs,thats ok-especialy if you like DOGS-& I lovem me got a jack russell———–sooooooo if you dont like it there–very very sorry —go to GEELONG-CAT city

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