Northern Cebu’s ‘Simala’


Over the weekend, we visited Northern Cebu’s version of the Monastery of the Marian Monks in Simala, Sibonga,  Cebu. Simala’s counterpart is St. Benedict’s Monastery in Corte, Carmen, Cebu. The monastery is run by the Benedictine monks of the Sylvestrine Congregation. The monastery houses the miraculous image of Our Lady of Manaoag.

Like Simala, the monastery is vast. And you can’t see it from the main highway. In fact, just like the one in Simala, it would take you a couple of minutes to reach the Benedictine monastery from the main road.

However, since a few people have heard of this monastery, only very few come here to visit and medidate. In fact, when we went there, on a Sunday, we only saw a total of six people. If your aim is to sit down, pray, and just clear your mind of the troubles of city life, the monastery is the place to visit.


The chapel and the giant statue of the Niño

St. Benedict’s Monastery


Ave Maria

Working on the figures on the wall

Crucified Jesus

The church on top of a hill

A clean restroom

I don’t know what that is. But it’s near the entrance.

You’re free to park anywhere

The Rosary Center

Rosary Center

No shoes inside!



Giant paintings of the Glorious Mysteries

Giant paintings of the Mysteries of Light

Giant paintings of the Joyful Mysteries

Giant paintings of the Sorrowful Mysteries

Our Lady of Manaoag

More shots

 100_8084     100_8079

You can write your petition at the Rosary Center


You can then drop them here


Up we go

Angel up-close

If you can’t take the stairs, you can use the ramp

Napulo Ka Sugo

Ten Commandements

Giant statue of the Holy Child

To the candle gallery

Light your candles here

The monastery

Closer look

Off limits!

Satchmo and the monastery

Inside he church


Satchmo prays for his first trip abroad

Lucy and Satchmo outside the church

Look at the view around the area. Awesome!

Closer look. Wow!


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