Oriental Spice Gourmet: The Taste of Southeast Asia

You all know that I don’t usually post about food in this blog. However, let me just tell you this quick story because I feel that all Cebuanos need to know about this culinary gem. You see, two weeks ago, my boss took me and a visiting Vietnamese friend to a special restaurant in Lapu-Lapu City. The restaurant is called Oriental Spice Gourmet. Most of those who frequent the place, however, call it simply OSG. Take a look at our exciting culinary experience below:




Oriental Spice Gourmet

Oriental Spice Gourmet or OSG is an Asian restaurant. Although it is located along the Basak-Marigondon Road, the restaurant is very easy to miss. That’s because aside from the indeterminate acronym plastered across the restaurant facade, there is very little indication that it is, in fact, a restaurant. Actually, if it weren’t for the heavy traffic that got us stuck for almost an hour somewhere in Basak, (and my boss eventually declaring that we needed to find a place to eat), I would never have found out about the place. My boss is a restaurant regular, however.

The restaurant is owned by a Malaysian chef and his Filipino-Chinese wife. Cyril, the husband, does all the cooking while his wife, Mary Ann personally talks to guests and takes their orders. They are assisted by a very limited number of wait staff.

Authentic Southeast Asian Dishes

What makes OSG extra special is the fact that they serve nothing but authentic Southeast Asian dishes. In fact, the restaurant encourages its guests to call before actually proceeding to the restaurant as the owners frequently travel outside the country to buy ingredients and other things needed to operate the restaurant. (Note: They are also closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.)

As we were preparing to order, Mary Ann came to our table and asked us a few questions. She wanted to know if it was our first time, or if we were starving. Also, she wanted to know if we were into Southeast Asian cuisine. With our answers, she was able to give us a list of dishes that we could order and truly enjoy.

I must say that I truly enjoyed every single dish that they served us. The flavors are so rich and you can really tell that the ingredients that they used are fresh and authentic. Check out the dishes that we ordered:

Mee Goreng
Spicy Beef Rendang
Nasi Goreng Kampong
Hainanese Chicken

Dig in, everybody!




The Oriental Spice Gourmet is open from Wednesdays to Sundays, from 11 am to 9 pm. For reservations, contact (032) 406-0814.

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