Snack Panghapon: Cebuano Afternoon Treats


Haha. Here’s two of the most popular cheap late afternoon snacks in Cebu (aside from Binignit, Shakoy, Puto, Budbud, and Bananacue . Hehehehe)

Ladies and gentlemen, Butsi/Buchi and Binangkal! Lami kaayo! Hehehe.


Buchi with tender coconut filling. Ahh! Kalami!


Binangkal! Lami pud kaayo! Hehehe.


Tag singko lang! Hehehe

101_0529 101_0527

8 thoughts on “Snack Panghapon: Cebuano Afternoon Treats

  1. OMG, I forgot to taste the buchi when I was there. 🙁 I do make binangkal, they call it sesame balls here. 🙂 Laway, laway laway… LOL.

  2. In some countries you can meet this type of sweets, and the easie its made- more foreigner wats to try it…but not me:( just bread…I dont know why but i can not make myself eat them…

  3. I had binagkal before but butchi I’m not familiar w/, maybe on my upcoming visit to Cebu on Oct. will try one

    once a bisdak will alyways be a bisdak!

  4. laway ko in dili ko katulog ani mag huna2 sa butshi ug shakoy and binangkal..asa man recipe ani.. pls panhatag..:)

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