A Quiet Afternoon in Danao City

Last Saturday, my office mates decided to go to the town of Carmen to unwind at the Durano EcoFarm and Spring Resort. They asked me if I wanted to come. Of course, I said yes. I love the North. I think the North is awesome!

However, instead of taking a bus to Carmen with them, I decided to ride my bike. See, I’d been meaning to drop by the city of Danao and just spend a lazy afternoon at the seaside park and boulevard. Every time I pass by the city, I always see the inviting scenery of people just chit-chatting the day away in the shade while enjoying a great view of the ocean.

Well, let’s just say it was another item crossed off my bucket list. Here are some photos of my quiet afternoon in the city of Danao.

Seaside sikad. What a lovely sight! 🙂

On my way back to Cebu City, I snapped a photo of this lovely fish pond near the Carmen-Danao border which I’m sure everyone is familiar with. Isn’t it a beauty?

These are the boats that take passengers to the lovely island of Camotes. Oh, I miss Camotes!

A small fishing vessel docked for the day near the Danao City Fish Port.

The North National Road just a few meters away from the sea. Lovely!

The simple life. Love it here.

The Church of Santo Tomas de Villanueva is Danao City’s main church. It is located right next to the ocean.

The wonderful-looking belfry of the church.

The main/front door reveals a small part of the main altar of the church.

The facade of the church shows very interesting details.

A small image of the patron saint Santo Tomas de Villanueva can be seen near the top of the church’s main facade.

Stone sculptures of angels adorn the front part of the church.

Check out the details of the short stone fence outside the church.

Angels guarding the main door of the church.

Interior of the church. Looking really lovely.

Here’s a shot showing the ceiling near the altar. The dome at the top acts as a source of natural light for the church interior.

One of the many confessionals inside the church.

As I was taking this shot, a small bird landed on the floor and lingered for a while. Cool! 🙂

Wooden pews with awesome intricate designs fill the western wing of the church.

The awesome-looking wooden side-doors of the church.

Look, it’s another bird! This one is sitting on a very old chandelier.

A small tableau showing one of the scenes of Jesus’ final hours. The sculpture is lit by an awesome-looking capiz-shell lamp.

A small crucifix located inside the church’s chapel on the eastern side.

Ant’s eye view of the church’s belfry.

Details of the rocks used to build this magnificent structure.

When you exit the church, this is what you will see. Awesome view of the sea!

A lone candle vendor waiting for a customer outside the church doors.

Exterior shot of the church.

The very green and cool park just across the street.

Of course, a visit to Danao wouldn’t be complete without a short stop at the Durano Foundation compound.

For more photos of the Durano Foundation compound in Danao City, click HERE.

24 thoughts on “A Quiet Afternoon in Danao City

  1. Danao is my BILs hometown. I love visiting there. The town is clean and laid back living. ike you, we always pay our respects to the resting place of Ramon Durano Sr., it makes quite a statement.

  2. DANAO! thats were i go shopping if i dont feel to have a long travel to the City. Every time i pass by in the church, there is a loud music. Is it still going Ley when your there? Lovely photos Ley. Thanks for your day in Carmen and Danao.

  3. Very simple life,that’s what I want when the time come’s in beautiful Cebu, we have a house in talisay city. I like to see more city in Cebu someday….

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