The El Salvador Beach Resort (Danao) Getaway

If you want a quick getaway from the fast city life, pack your bags and go to Danao City. Just an hour away from Cebu City, Danao City offers an exciting hideaway which will surely relax your weary mind.

El Salvador Beach Resort has been around for quite a while now. However, major improvements weren’t started until a few years ago (maybe 2004 or 2005). El Salvador used to have these small Wigwam Huts (Php400). Now, bigger and better rooms take the place of these “roofed beds”. Here are some photos of my weekend getaway with my family at one of the most popular beach resorts in Danao City.

The nice looking pool of El Salvador Resort in Danao City, Cebu

Fountain near the main entrance

Welcome to El Salvador Beach Resort

A tiny souvenir shop located across the reception desk of the resort.

Function Rooms of El Salvador Beach Resort

Garden View Rooms

View of the veranda of one of the rooms on the second floor.

The hammock area of the resort is perfect for late-afternoon naps.

Playing pen for the young ones.

View of the Kiddie Pool as seen from the garden.

Nice, well-trimmed path to the beach.

A statue of Jesus in the garden adds to the garden’s quiet and peaceful vibe.

More expensive rooms of the resort. I heard some of these were priced at more than PhP 2,000 per night.

El Salvador Beach Resort’s own restaurant, called COCO Restaurant, offers taste but affordable treats.

The open space fronting the restaurant.

Hmmm. Sven can’t decide what he’ll get.

How about a glass of orange juice first?

Simple plated breakfast meals offered to hotel guests who stay overnight.

Check out the menu of Coco Restuarant below:

A relaxing and cool view from the restaurant.

A young kid plays with sand on the beach of El Salvador.

MCPB was here!

The beach is not that great. But it’s clean and safe.

One of the beach huts which is perfect when you want to read a book, sleep, or just relax.

Now, it’s time to check out the pools!

The children’s pool looking nice.

A bigger (and much deeper) pool located right next to a row of rooms.

This kid came to me and asked to be shot. Hehe.

Jacuzzi located near the bigger pool.

Swimming pool rules and guidelines. Please observe at all times!

A lifeguard’s high chair situated near the adult pool.

A Quiet Afternoon in Danao
Danao’s Hidden Gem
Tinap-anan sa Danao
The Guinsay, Danao Experience

112 thoughts on “The El Salvador Beach Resort (Danao) Getaway

  1. Hey, Leyland!

    you look a lot like your brother, siyempre naman.=) nice family! thanx for the info about tourist spots. now, i have an idea where to go. gorgeous pics!!

  2. we’ve been there 2004. well improve now. are they having 2 swimming pool now. no jacussi b4 yet. im thinking to go back there again.

    that writing in the sand, soooo beautiful. i use to do like that too. i never see hermit crab (umang) here. in the pet shop for sale yeah, that size is $5. oh my God, thanks leyland

  3. garden rooms are about 1500 for two people… and that’s like 300 for each extra person and bed… free breakfast for two..

    poolside rooms are from 1800 to 2500, i guess… free breakfast for two.

  4. leylan!!!!

    i was searching for a kiddie pool and this is what i got. imagine how shock i was to see your face!!!

    🙂 pilay entrance didto ley?

  5. ley, muzta na man ka? asa naka ga work? na.shock man sad ko nakakita imo face when searching for resorts in cebu…

  6. ive been there just last may 14.07 and i enjoyed my stay..its a nice resort..clean and maintained well..and affordable

  7. Hello. Thanks for your photoblog I now have an idea what The El Salvador look like as me and my friends are planning a Cebu get away to visit our friend who hails at Danao.


    More power.

  8. i like the place because its near to all my relatives in Sabang
    Danao.Even my husband he like the place everytime we visit
    Philippines,we stay here.They are kind to us even the
    staff.Keep the good works and more improvements.


    1. can i ask Ms. about planning a wedding in El Salvador, do we need to pay for the venue? or do they have a wedding package wherein the reception is included? your reply will be highly appreciated.. Thank You 🙂

  9. been visiting the place since highschool..nice jud! can’t believe they managed it very well..the expansion of the entrance and the additional pool was surprising in such a short span of time,..

  10. thanks for the blog ….it helps a lot… im planning to spend a get away weekend with my hub and my daughter… the pics are impressive… ill go there!

  11. Hi there leylander!

    My husband and I are planning to go to Danao. Beach resorts are nice, but we want to stay at a hotel or pension house in Danao City. Any place that u can recommend us? We would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  12. nice pix.. glad to have someone like you promoting our tourism!!! anyways i read that somebody had her wedding @ el salvador, Diana iya name?! i hope to find out how it was, am planning to have my reception there next year but I wanna make sure it is really great for wedding receptions. ka-isa ra baya ta kaslon oi!? so ley, hope you can help me out getting in touched with her!

    keep up the excellent job man!

  13. the place is nice, we had our teambuilding there before and amo gipa exclusive ang place, so, it might be a good idea kung ipa exclusive nimo ang place then makapagusto ka sa imo buhaton for the reception…..good luck….


    KM. 30 Osmena Boulevard
    6004 Danao City, Cebu , Philippines

    (032)2003622; (032)2004494; (0927)6093623


    elsalvador_resort [at]

  15. hey… i’ve been in this place yesterday… and i can prove that it could one of the nice place in Cebu city… it is a nice place for relaxing, the staff is approachable and the food is yummy.. affordable for one family… go there and explore the nice place…

  16. Thanks for the pics. My friend recommended the resort but I couldn’t find much info on it – their website is very weak. Your blog has helped – thanks.


  17. Have been here many times. Its nice that you took pics of the place as they dont usually advertise. Anywayz, this is a good place also to hold activities like team building (if less than 100 people ha). Staff are friendly and accomodating. Try using their gym and spa. Nice pud. Im planning to follow your trips sa cebu ley..murag nindot man. Maka enganyo man imong mga hulagway.hahaha

  18. can you please send me email rate that would include accommodation and meals for Aug 8-10, 2008. Check-in date: Aug 8, 2008 and check-out date: Aug 10, 2008.

  19. Hi,
    I liked your blog. My family is from Cebu. I left when I was 10 yrs. old. I’m now planning a two week vacation there in November with my parents, husband and two little ones.
    We were planning to stay at El Salvador Hotel. Are the beaches nice?
    Can you recommend an itinerary for a two week stay? How is traffic to the city? Should we stay at the Marriott if we wanted to shop for a few days?
    Thanks so much and thank you for your blog.

  20. hi!i just happen to come across your blog while searching for a good reception venue,anyways,i’m in toronto right now and coming back to cebu in two months for my wedding,im really interested in this place but i’m wondering….is the bathroom just like that?without any shower or bath tub?

  21. did a little research about this place..
    and passed by ur blog
    cool place..
    i think im gonna try it here..
    just wanna unwind..
    for the summer!

  22. hi.. we’re planning to go to el salvador this may…Since you got to enjoy the place, i would like to ask that inoder for us to enjoy the pool, do we really need to wear swimsuits? can’t we just wear spageti tops and shorts?

    hahahaha.. we’re conservative hahahahahahahahaha…

    thanx.. i would be glad to get ur reply through email or in this site of yours…

      1. yeah! thanks… hahhahah,.. i’ve been to intosan with my family, it’s not strict there and it’s cheaper…
        u cn swim with a shirt and short on hahahaha..

  23. uppon browsing the internet seems the place seems so interesting!son i plan to be there with my family or relatives coming from london.

  24. Nice place to visit, your page helps a lot! Do you have their email add? Appreciate if you can share it with me.

  25. hey there.. good day.. i would like to ask you what are the contact number of el salvador, our batch is planning to spend the night there with our teachers, it’s kinda of like a reunion.. tanx…

  26. Hi Have stayed there before loved it, my wife and i are returning again in Late February would like some prices on rooms over looking the gardens /pool


  27. can you please send me email rate that would include accommodation and meals for dec.22-23 2009. Check-in date: dec.22, 2009 and check-out date: dec.23, 2009, i would prefer to know the garden view econonmy and standar…good for two persons….tnx

  28. Please I wish to know the prices of single room, the more economic.
    I am interested for begin of february: How far is getting there from Manila?
    Thank you
    (you can write me the prices in & in dollars, writing how is the rate change)
    Marco Erler

  29. hi der! were planning to stay here for one night this coming 19th of the month. it’s one of the cheapest but nice beach resort in cebu…we are all excited…tnx for the the way, do you have any idea if how much is the taxi fare from the airport to elsalvador? tnx

    1. jeepney fare from the airport to danao should be around 40 pesos. if you take a cab, i think it would be more than 500 but less than a thousand. also, you might have to tip the driver because he’d be driving all the way back to the city without any passengers.

  30. I been in this beutiful resort just two night around the days of San Valentine!
    Wonderful peace, nice atmosphere around the swimming pool, good food and quality service in the resteraurant, the most beutiful coktail I drinked in my two week of Philippines!
    I will come again… soon!

  31. guyz, unsa ni xa nga klase nga resort? i mean, pede ni xa abangan? naglibog ko gud kung asa nindot i held amo acquaintance party for d next sem.
    pilay entrance fee dri?

  32. pagbaksyon namo last year diha me elsalvador stay pero ilang food oi dili man lami unya akong bana nagsakit man ang tiyan kada kaon sa ceasar salad.unya ilang mga naa sa office dili man kaayo friendly.ilang mga waiter tip ramay giapas oi magbarog man sa imong tungod inag kuha nimo sa kwarta para mobayad ka unsa ba wala may training!!!!!

  33. How much the cost of the civil wedding reception around 100-150 person and including 2 nights of the two people bride and the groom? The date is June 18, 2010. I’m waiting ur reply as soon as possible. Thank you

    1. it’s simply a term used when talking to another person (specifically and usually male). you can use when talking to a close friend, a neighbor, or even a complete stranger.

      You can use it to replace the words sir, mister, dude, friend, man, etc.

      How are you, dude?
      How are you, my friend?
      How are you, man?
      How are you, bai?

  34. good a.m.. can i have your number please.. because we plan that we will take a reservation.. that’s why i am asking for your number.. can i?

  35. hi…its a very beautiful and relaxing place,I’m so glad that I’ve given a chance to be work with the one of the most beautiful resorts here
    in cebu…

  36. Hi all

    My wife and I have stayed at the El Salvador on many an occassion and found It to be FANTASTIC.
    I found everyone there to be very friendly and poilite, I myself found all aspects of the El Salvador to be outstanding, and the staff are great I have got on well with them every time I have stayed there.

    I can not think of a better place to enjoy and relax in the area.

    My regards to all there.

  37. Wife and I stayed at El Salvador for 10 days Dec 2009-Jan 2010. We will never go again. The staff were aloof, snobby, and money-hungry. We got complimentary breakfast at Coco Restaurant. It is open air, and the many flies were disturbing while landing on our meal! We brought nieces and nephews to swim in pool, and had to pay several dollars each to let them swim? We prepaid ($54 per night..expensive) and when we were checking out, we were told that the prices had gone up, and we owed another $200! We told them that we would never come back and would stay at the Intosan Resort from now on (We had stayed there on several occasions and enjoyed it). My first night at Coco Restaurant, I ordered cheeseburger, which was on the menu. I was told that they were out of hamburger. So I ordered a $10 steak. It stank! It was a thin piece of stringy meat that I could not chew because it was tough and tasteless! The air conditioner in our very small room dod not work. The toilet bowl seat was broken. BEWARE OF THE EL SALVADOR RESORT IN DANAO CITY, PHILIPPINES!

  38. nice try Mr. Tibbets, as far as i’ve known i never heard a $10 steak there. they were all nice to us when we went there. cheapest rates and the place is beautiful and good food. we’ll be returning this december! I’ve heard they won the beach resort of the year! congrats to elsalvador!


  39. Our batch in high school find a nice pool and I think El Salvador has a nice view and pool as well. I would like to ask if how much per head and how about the cottage? can we bring our food and beverages? Kindly send us your reply for this matter.

  40. i will never go back to this resort again!
    i think this resort was awarded number 1 because the attendants are very kind and polite to foreigners and foreigners alone. they ignored my family and i because we are filipinos. Of course we were capable of paying the bills. they accommodated foreign guests ahead than filipinos, even if the foreign tourists came later than us, had no reservations, and occupied the economy room. The receptionist was really a snob.

  41. i will never go back to this resort again!
    i think this resort was awarded number 1 because the attendants are very kind and polite to foreigners and foreigners alone. they ignored my family and i because we are filipinos. Of course we were capable of paying the bills.

  42. Poor service! I think the attendants should have a proper training on how to deal with guests specially during peak season. They tend to ignore other guests when they get too busy.

  43. Please don’t go to that resort, my friend and I had a very bad experience in that place. Luod kaau kay naay manglili. Ayaw lang ug kompyansa

  44. We were there last December and was very satisfied. The place was cozy , the staff were friendly and the food was tasty and affordable. I also had a very satisfying massage at the spa. I will visit there again. Thanks Elsalvador for my memorable vacation.

  45. I’ve been there also w/ my wife…Very nice place and very good ambience!
    About the beach, its quiet small and costumed made white sand. The garde and the pools were amazing!

  46. That’s the way it is. As for our experience, they approached and talk to the foreigners three times in the lobby: Excuse me sir, please wait for a while, we are still looking for a room for you.” “Excuse me sir, we found an economy room for you. It costs….” “Sir, you can already proceed to your room.”
    But we, Filipinos, who had reservations and came there ahead, were just ignored by the receptionist and all the attendants. I wondered if we were invisible or we seemed like beggars to them.

  47. I read some of the negative comments but there’s still more good comments than the negative ones! Elsalvador is still best for me for being affordable and a peaceful place! I’m just a filipino and never noticed about those horrible incidents. Hope the management will take an eye to those staffs who are not good in performing their duties. Btw We’ll be there again next month.

  48. it’s so sad to be treated like that in our own country…dupan how wished we were foriegners so that the staff would treat us with dignity and kindness…it’s a crap really…so sad….

  49. it is degrading to be treated like second class citizens in your own country…mga kwarta ug nawong ilang staff…

  50. I’ve been there many times but I have not experience na gihuk-huk ko sa mga staff. If you have experience something like that, tell the management at once about that certain employee na mangayo so they can fire him because its very unfair for other employees na nagtinarong. If you want to help, go the front desk and tell your story.

  51. Hi…
    wre planning 2 go 2 beach ds coming july 3 dn since my grand mom stay n danao cebu n ur resort was very near 2 her house,so i decided 2 hav r outing dr…because we been 2 intosan dn my mom dn’t lyk dr because drs no beach…
    so can u pls send me ur rate included( entrance fee,pool fee,cottage)jst 1 day….
    dn f mg dah me own foods is dr a corkage?

    pls pm meh a soon as possible…

  52. February, 2011. I spent a nice long weekend at the resort with my partner. Friendly service and good food was always available. I have worked in the hospitality industry for 48 years, and my stay here was as pleasant and well serviced as anywhere in Europe, Australia or New Zealand for the same type of accommadation. Well done, Team!!


  53. There is no excuse for bad manners nor discrimination. That’s really sad. The receptionist herself had a condescending eye.

  54. wow! chismis naman ni diri oi. taga danao rani ang uban sah?
    mura man ug di something might wrong in this kind of unethical people.
    anyways, nindot sad ni nga resort, kaya sa budget pang family pud.
    unsay laeng resort sa Danao?

  55. Many Filipinos are oriented that way; to be too courteous to foreigners, hoping to get a dollar’s worth of their service, thereby ignoring other Filipino guests. This wicked orientation has got to change. Maybe the el salvador management and staff, collectively, are stubborn, narrow-minded and still unwilling to admit this mistake.

  56. Had the misfortune to visit here for lunch at Coco Rest on Sunday 11th March,2012.
    Admittedly,we were a large party of 10 at one table.We arrived at about 12.30,so we were already hungry enough to eat immediately.

    We tried to order drinks ,but our ‘waiter’ Raymon seemed totally disinterested.I actually had to fetch him at the desk inside the restuarant where he was more interested in chatting up the receptionist!I had to be very forceful and threaten him with consequences,before he delivered the drinks to the table!

    We immediately ordered our Lunch courses which only started to arrive at our table ,in drips and drabs,around 2.15pm!!!..nearly 2 hours AFTER our arrival.

    All the pasta dishes ordered were good,but my Chicken Cordon Bleu was almost inedible.The fries were ice cold,and the vegetables totally raw.Ive eaten el dente veg before,but this was ridiculous.

    My partner also ordered the cordon bleu,and got the same inedible hash on his plate!!!

    We were sitting outside the rest on the sand,so I presumed that the reason for this disgusting food and lack of service was because the restaurant was ‘packed’ inside.Imagine my surprise when I went inside,to discover that only 2 tables were occupied!
    I am a foreigner resident in Cebu for 3 years now,and have on several occasions visited your beautiful resort,but NEVER before have I experienced such rudeness from staff (Raymon should be fired!) and such disgusting ‘food’.I have often recommended you to both locals and foreigners,but I can promise you that I will never visit your establishment again!

  57. I think the staff need more training……especially with what happened in the case of Ms. Ingrid….The Management also need to enhance the skills of their people..because they are the one who make money for the company…..The place is nice but you need to enhance your staff.

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