Five Years!!!

Happy 5th anniversary, My Cebu Photo Blog!!!

I’m so happy that this blog is still alive and kicking 5 years after its inception.

To EVERYONE who supported MCPB and the blogger behind it, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

By the way, last December 10, 2011, I was asked by the people behind the Cebu Blog Awards to give a short ‘inspirational’ speech during the Awards Night. As last year’s top winner, I was sort of obliged to do it. Anyways, even though I was very nervous because I don’t like talking in front of other people, I think I pretty much delivered my speech well and hopefully,  I got my point across. So, here’s my ‘script’ :

The committee, fellow bloggers, guests, friends – good evening.

Back in 2003, the Philippine blogosphere was practically empty. The few blogs already existing were simply referred to as ‘online diaries’ and those who didn’t want to be tagged as ‘too emotional’ streered clear of them. But despite the original nature of blogging, it eventually became more accepted, more universal. In time, its role changed. From simple online diaries visible only to its writers, blogs became powerful online tools that help express opinions, answer questions, and give information.

When I started blogging in 2005, my only intention was to keep a record of the important events in my life as a son of Cebu. But when I started getting emails from random strangers thanking me for what I’ve done, and encouranging me to continue what I was doing, I realized that I was doing something that could actually make a difference. That through my blog, I could express, I could answer, and I could inform.

Today, blogs are a dime a dozen. Not only because blogging is totally free and it is the ‘in’ thing, but more importantly because it gives bloggers a certain level of authority and power. Bloggers can influence outcomes and sway opinions. This power, I tell, when placed in the wrong hands, can be a total pain in the behind.

We, bloggers have this power. True. But we must not consider ourselves special. As one saying goes, anyone can blog but not everyone should. What I really want to say is that despite these powers that are given to us, we are not extraordinary individuals. We are just lucky enough to have been blessed with the opportunity to express ourselves through words. When you blog, be simple, humble, and honest. In other words, be the “regular juan.” But be the Juan who always does his best. As the Great Emancipator once said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” So let us try to avoid mediocrity and be good at whatever we do. We’ve decided to blog, then let’s be good at it. Anything less would be a great disservice to us and our readers.

Tonight, we’re all here to celebrate blogging. Not the bloggers, not the blogs. Let us celebrate the power that we have – to express, to answer, to inform.

Thank you and good evening.

17 thoughts on “Five Years!!!

  1. Congratulations Sir Ley!

    Five years is very impressive but not surprising. You have a well written and informative blog that is enhanced by your vibrant personality. I would only be surprised if you had *not* made it to five years.

    Of course let’s not forget the valuable contributions made by your co-author, the great Sir Satchmo! 😀

    Congrats again bai and more power.

    Daghan kaayong salamat.

  2. Congratulations, Leylander. I liked your speech. It’s concise and direct. You definitely deserve the award. More power to you. Merry Christmas. 🙂

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