Satchmo Magnets

The Satchmo magnets are finally here. Woohoo! I ordered these magnets last week and I finally got them tonight.

I plan to give Satchmo’s hosts one each. I know it’s not much but I hope they’ll like it. It’s just a very simple gesture of thanking them for allowing Satchmo to visit those wonderful places and letting him meet new friends.

SATCHMO: The Traveling Cebuano Cow magnet. Hehehe.

Satchmo Magnets by you.

Anyways, I figured that it would be a bit expensive to send these magnets to each host. So, I only ordered around 5. But there is nothing to worry, guys! If you’re planning to come home or someone can get the magnets for you, please send me a message so that I can order more magnets. Hehehe.

Satchmo Magnets by you.

Action shot. Nipilit na gyud sa ref. Hehehe.

Satchmo Magnets by you.


Satchmo Magnets by you.

0 thoughts on “Satchmo Magnets

  1. wow congrats thats good idea jud ley 😉 wink…. sana meron din akong satchmo magnet hehehehe..para papilit pod nako sa akong mga haligi nga may magnet :-)…

  2. nndot na ley kong himoon ng souvenir para sa mga 2rista right? .. kami jud ang number 1 cus2mer anang satchmo hehehehe… lalo na maraming satchmo npod in d market..what u think? pwed mo yan ilagay sa airport to sell on it hehehehe..cge ley suggest lang..bsta kami number1 mo buy jud ana…thanks for the update npod 🙂

  3. Wow! Genuine Satchmo magnets! So cool. Kewl.

    We still remember the good times we had when he was here. Quite a storyteller that Satchmo. I’m still a little puzzed though. I didn’t know cows drank so much beer. Uy! Palahubog! Hahahaha. 😀

    Have fun everyone.

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