Mezmerizing Olango

Last Saturday, Gian and I decided to go to Olango Island off Mactan to go bird-watching. Well, actually, we didn’t really go there to see some birds. We went there just because it was the weekend and we both didn’t have anything better to do. (Also because I had to have a new post.)

It is quite easy to get to Olango Island. From Opon, we got on a Punta EngaΓ±o-bound jeep. Fare was Php10. If you don’t know where you have to get off, just tell the driver where you’re going. Your stop should be that small road right beside the Hilton Hotel/Movenpick Hotel compound. Once you’re there, it’s hard to miss the wharf where the motorized bancas are docked.


The Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary. A-ma-zing!

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The small road beside the Movenpick Hotel compound (FYI: Hilton is now officially called Movenpick)

From pink to yellow. Looking nice.

View of the three Movenpick towers.

Closer look. Lovely.

View of the hotel towers from the wharf.

Gian and the three towers. LOL.

Our ride to Olango.

Human handrail. Hahaha.

A Korean lady trying to muster all her strength to cross the wooden plank as her family and friends look on.

View of the towers from the water. Nice.

Bohol-bound boat.

Goodbye, Mactan.

Airplane. Is all. Haha.

Finally, after almost 20 minutes, we reached Olango Island.

Gian excited to step off the boat.

The port of Santa Rosa. Pretty.

Looking nice.

What a lovely sight.

After a successful negotiation, this tricycle driver agreed to take us to the sanctuary for Php50 each (waiting, two-way.) Not bad.

Beautiful scenes along the way. Olango is lovely.

We crossed this silent and very beautiful river.

I think this forested area is protected as well.

Finally! Take note of the rates.

Welcome to the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Nature Center near the entrance. It is where you register and get a guide.

The Nature Center.

Keeping the area clean.

We didn’t waste any time. Off to see the birds! Hehe.

A Bantigi. Hehe.

Gian leading the way.

To the observation hut. Notice the coralline sandflats.

We’re halfway there!

View of the protected mangrove forest. Wow!

Hiding under the rocks. Awesome!

Vast sand and mud flats.

The 1020 hectares of tidal flats in Olango became a protected area in 1992.


More mangroves and tidal flats.

Gian trying the binoculars.

Me trying to catch some fish. Note: It is illegal to fish here. Hehe.

More tourists coming.

A guide setting up his telescope.

Of course, we asked if we could give it a try. He was very nice. An indeed we saw a Chinese Egret. According to him, we arrived a little too early as the birds would usually come in flocks in the late afternoon.

More mangroves!

Seagrass beds and me.

Baby mangroves and the Olango sun.


This young boy told us that he was selling some coconuts. We told him that we were interested. He happily led the way.

Low tide.

Coconut juice! For only Php25!

Afterwards…. It was so yummy!

A bird sitting in the shade.

Trying to catch the 3pm boat to Mactan.

And true enough, we got there just a few minutes before the boat left for Mactan. The boat was jam-packed! It was scary.

We were sitting near the front of the boat. That blue thing under my feet is actually the water.

Gian was actually standing at the very front part of the boat. LOL.

View of Mactan’s giants.


Portofino Beach Resort.

A wharf just beside Porto Fino.

Kids enjoying the water.

Land, at last!

Visit Olango Island now!


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33 thoughts on “Mezmerizing Olango

  1. This is great info for planning my trip next year to Cebu not sure about 100 peso entry for foreigner and 20 peso for local! he he!

        1. Thanks Ley… barato ra man diay ang transpo padung didto… pwede ra man sad ta ka bring our own food for lunch or snacks didto sa? naa ra place pede kan-an pud?…

  2. Leyland, as usual your posting never ceases to amaze, except that this time I found a “fly in the ointment”. It’s the special rate to the foreigners. I know this could just be a change in their pockets, and I understand the park needs the fund, but the way it’s presented tells a lot about us. It’s predatorial, “on your face”, unfriendly, yet not excessive. There’s got to be a better way.

  3. Ley, funny! my parents owned huge chunks of land in San Vicente (we refer/call Bas Daku)…. i have never been to bird sanctuary…. hahahahaha, i should make it a point to come visit Sto. Rosa next time i come back home…. thanks a lot Ley!!!

  4. I am so sorry i was just joking about entrance fee ! Didn,t want to detract from such a beautiful place
    In Australia entrance to a similar park would be ten times the price plus parking plus food so looking at $60 to $100 for day (3000php to 5000php)
    We are more than happy to pay such a fee for a good day out
    Sorry again for my bad sense of humour

  5. I’ve always wanted to go there. I’ve seen a lot of great photos taken on Olango island. I will try and visit the island next year, maybe I can take some nice shots of the landscape and wildlife there.

  6. San Francisco California also has a “foreigner” rate. Only they call it a “resident” rate. Many of the exhibitions at Golden Gate park use these fees, one fee for residents and a higher one for non-residents. Since I don’t live in San Francisco I pay the higher price. It’s ok.

    Can’t wait until I can visit Olango and travel in your footsteps Ley.

    As always, thanks for the great fotos and for showing me more of beautiful Cebu island.

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