Cebu Updates 6

I’m going to take a short break from blogging to focus on a few things. I hope things go well in the coming months. So, I’ll leave you guys with this post. Hope you enjoy it! Payt Bisdak!

Here’s a compilation of the most recent updates and developments in the city.


The city government has commenced the Beautification Project which aims to make Jones Avenue/Osmeña Boulevard a kick-ass pedestrian-friendly street. Here’s the newly-fixed sidewalk in front of the Cebu Provincial Capitol. They’ve also painted the perimeter fence.

Workers fixing the sidewalk in front of the Cebu Provincial Capitol.

There is a move to make Jones Avenue/Osmeña Boulevard cable-free. When I took this shot, I thought they were actually removing the cables. Turned out, they were only removing the branches of the tree. Hope they’ll really remove the ‘spaghetti-wires’ soon, though.

Making Jones Avenue typhoon-ready by removing some tree branches.

This is how the sidewalks of Jones Avenue will soon look like. This one is in front of the BDO Building in Fuente.

The towers of Fuente.

Fort San Pedro looking lovelier by the day.

The tunnel entry/exit right beside the Plaza Independencia.

A widening project at the Capitol area. Apparently, they’re removing those structures along the road to make way for bigger roads.

Chong Hua Hospital also repaired the walkway in front of their building. It looks really nice now.

The Ramos Tower is now the third tallest structure in Cebu City.

The gorgeous Cebu City Tunnel.


The welcome sign at the South Road Properties.

The huge fish port at the Pasil/Ermita area has been cleared. I’m not sure what they’re going to do with it.

The water tank at the welcome sign. According to rumors, this will house a bar and a restaurant.

The SM Seaside City lot at the South Road Properties. The area is now being cleared.

The  AMALFI Compound of FilInvest at the SRP. This is one of the many condominium buildings which will soon rise in the area.

A new district will soon rise at the SRP.

Age-old downtown buildings are now being repaired and improved.

This building is very visible when you’re at the SRP.

The basilica just finished its months-long renovation project. Looking really nice.

The original image of the Ecce Homo comes home to Cebu after 46 years. The image of the suffering Christ together with the image of the Sto. Niño were believed to be given by Magellan to Rajah Humabon upon his arrival. In 1965, the image was brought to the San Agustin Church in Intramuros. The image is now housed at the Basilica.

Sidewalk repairs in front of the Rizal Library.

Red bricks. Looking nice.

This sidewalk near Cebu Doctor’s Hospital will soon look really nice.

I wonder what type of lamppost they’re going to use.

Work near the Cebu Provincial Capitol.

Nice. This would look better once the flower boxes are completed.


Working even on a Sunday.

Flower boxes near Fuente.

The new BDO Building beside the police station in Fuente.

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    1. you’re welcome. love your blog. your situation right now, is it from the fire or flooding? God forbid! i’m sure mostly readers can help you out in any way they can. let us know. sorry to hear about this. God be with you always.

  1. It has been a joy to read your blogs and the wonderful photos thank you so much
    I will miss these posts as it keeps my dream alive of relocating to our property in Barili in the next four years
    You had the option to buy you a cup of tea can you email me. God bless!

  2. Thank you for the updates Ley! Your blog has been a gift to us who miss home a lot! May you and your family be blessed… hope everything will turn out wonderful for you! Ayo Ayo ‘Dong!

  3. I have have been following this blog over the years and there was never a posting that I did not enjoy very much. Whatever you are pursuing in this hiatus, I wish you well, and come back soon.

  4. I will certainly miss your blogs and pics, Ley, but you have to prioritize what you need to do with your life and family. I hope things will be well with you! God bless!

  5. Love it. Will be coming over from Australia in a few months and look forward to seeing all the changes. Use to stop in the area before changing to Sinulog for the first time in many years. Thanks for the blog.

  6. The police station at the Fuente area is now transferred to their new building in front of Camp Sergio Osmeña. I would like to suggest that you keep a current picture of this soon-to-be-vacated historical location before a new commercial structure will rise in its place. Then you will have a good material for a ‘before and after’,transformation comparison in the future.

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