The famous Fuente Osmeña is sporting a new look for this year’s Sinulog. Some people find it nice and attractive. They say it gave the fountain a new character. Others, however, say that it’s a big mistake. They say that the colored lights are destroying the real essence of this age-old structure. What do you guys think?


Fuente Osmeña de Cebu


10 thoughts on “Colorful

  1. coming from Orlando Florida with Disney World and Universal Studios attractions,putting lights on a fountain really make it more attrative.It really puts you in a festive mood.

  2. If the Christmas tree is still there I would say no. I just find it quite tacky. By itself (I would hope) I think it will be a nice attraction and a nice change. As the saying goes ‘simplicity is beauty’.

  3. Hi Ley!

    Oi Ley mao ni ako gihuwat! Nice pagka-capture mo with a touch of Las Vegas neon lights!!! hehehe.
    Very colorful.

  4. Aw, I’m a traditionalist. It’s not just any old little place it’s Fuente Osmena. It has history, tradition, honor. Oh well, that’s just me. I still prefer the Sarao type Jeepney’s too. 😀

  5. At nightime, it does look good with all it’s multi colored lights. I hope I would still be able to see the nice white paint during the day when I visit Cebu in the summer.

  6. it’s just about the light… but during the bright daytime the structure goes back to the same old thing. i guess it’s just fine having all those colors painted at the structure at night = )

  7. I love the new lighting scheme. Thanks to it, the fountain has regained its rightful position as the centerpiece of the park. However, it would be nice if they only used more “classic-looking” colors like yellow, white, pale red, blue or light purple, considering the heritage value of this 98-year-old landmark. Green & red are too intense for architectural illumination and quite tacky-looking for classical structures.

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