Viva San Pedro Calungsod!

Today, Cebu City will host the National Thanksgiving Mass for the canonization of the second Filipino (and first Cebuano) saint – San Pedro Calungsod. The event will be held at an empty lot at the South Road Properties. I’m not sure exactly how a thanksgiving mass rolls since I wasn’t around when San Lorenzo Ruiz was canonized. Hehe. But based on the schedule, the entire program will be at least 9 hours long.

Anyway, I’m working today due to some Christmas arrangements at work. So, last night, I checked out the place, and fortunately, I was able to snap some shots. So, for those who couldn’t make it to the celebrations, here are some photos for you, guys!


Viva San Pedro Calungsod! Viva!

The templete at the South Road Properties. According to reports, the venue could accommodate at least a million people! Wow!

Closer shot of the templete. Beautiful.

A couple launching a sky lantern. Cool!

Onlookers watching the final rehearsals of performers who will be performing after the mass.

Looking really pretty.

Pretty flowers adorn the beautiful stage.

Cool landscaping job. It took the workers around only one month to finish this whole set-up.

Workers doing finishing touches on the altar.

Now with the lights!

Performers practicing their blocking.

Bleachers beside the templete.

These seats will be replaced with a sea of heads (or umbrellas?) tomorrow.

Well-paved walkways. Remember, this was just a huge grassy empty lot a month ago.

Nice job!

Too bad I couldn’t go there! 🙁

Viva San Pedro Calungsod!

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  1. Wow na wow.I hope the weather is fine for the celebration. Viva San Pedro Calungsod. A must to visit on my holiday. Thank you Ley.

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