Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2011

Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo is a yearly event which showcases the different festivals of the towns and cities of Cebu. Held every August, the event which is dubbed ‘Festival of Festivals’ concludes the founding anniversary celebrations of the Province of Cebu. This year, the event was held last August 13 at the Cebu International Convention Center in Mandaue City. Out of 40 festival contingents, the towns of Carcar, Madridejos, and Argao went home with the top prizes.

Cebu’s Festival of Festivals!

Best in Showdown Competition
1st Kabkaban Festival of Carcar City
2nd Isda Festival of Madridejos
3rd La Torta Festival of Argao
4th Kagasangan Festival of Moalboal
5th Sarok Festival of Consolacion
6th Bonga Festival of Sibonga
7th Palawod Festival of Bantayan
8th Dagitab Festival of Naga City
9th Hinulawan Festival of Toledo City
10th Sugat Kabanhawan Festival of Minglanilla

Best in Festival Costume
Kagasangan Festival of Moalboal

Best in Festival Jingle
La Torta Festival of Argao

Best in Street Dance Competition
1st La Torta Festival of Argao
2nd Halad Inasal Festival of Talisay City
3rd Hinulawan Festival of Toledo City


Here are some photos of Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2011. Enjoy!

Dancers patiently waiting for their turn.

Beautiful costume, I must say.

The expo was help inside the Cebu International Convention Center.

Team Dalaguete!

Propsmen waiting for their turn to perform.

Dancers arriving at the venue.


Their costumes were really nice.

Lunch break!

Inside the CICC. Furniture display

Booth selling crafts from South Cotabato

Booths selling various local products and delicacies.

Prayer before the official start of the contest

This year’s very well-attended Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo

Look at that crowd!

Special guest: Former First Lady Imelda Marcos

Another special guest: Richard Gomez. Bong-bong Marcos, Jinggoy Estrada, and other politicians from nearby islands were also there.

Random photos of contingents

Don’t miss next year’s Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo!

22 thoughts on “Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2011

  1. sige lag ug fiesta sa cebu? sa usa ka tuig pila man kaadlaw ang holidays plus fiestas pa?
    moabot ba ug 30 days sa usa ka tuig ang lingaw-lingaw?
    i’m just wondering… here in my company (u.s.) for the whole year
    we only have 6 days paid holiday.
    sayang ang productivity, if a day is missed, or declared a holiday…

    1. hehehe. murag cebuano man pud tingali ka based sa imong comment. kahibalo tingali ka oi nga ang pista ma-dominggo na. and walay pista nga holiday sa cebu. bisan ang sinulog nga pista sa tibuok isla dili holiday.

      wala may nasayang nga productivity ana. ang lingaw-lingaw gitunong man sa adlaw nga dominggo pud. also, kaning tanang mga festival dili man ni kada-adlaw. once a year ra ni sa kada lungsod. hehe

      1. my point is – sa usa ka tuig, pila ka kaadlaw walay klase o trabaho?
        if we want to progress, we have to work for it. ok lang ang lingaw 2x, pero not every other day.
        duna koy nakitang philippine holiday calendar at work, and i counted 17?
        that’s excluding fiestas pa. ug ang cebu duna pay foundation day, osmena day, etc.
        gusto lang nako ang pilipinas mo-abante na… world class competitive.

        ley, i like your blog anyway. missed my hometown, bogo.

  2. this is another way of wasting people’s money by Gwen. unsa may tuyo ani ba? they should rename this into Pasigarbo ni Gwen. this has never created a buzz dinhi syudad when this was held. if Gwen wanted to spend and at the same time promote tourism, adto sa Sinulog pasayawon kaning taga probinsya. there is no other festival in Cebu bigger than Sinulog where hotels are fully booked. unsaon ta man dili man sya ka bida didto kay si Sto. Nino man ang bida mao naghimo na lang sya ug iya. look what this and her SuroySuroy did? CamSur has overtaken Cebu.

    and oh, what are the Marcoses’ business here? unsa gud mabenefit nato anang sisterhood sa Ilocos? pa itoyitoy nang mga Garcia sa mga Marcos para sa ilang national political ambition. ang nakapait at the expense of the Cebuanos.

    sorry for my rants. 🙂 i believe I have the right kay taga probinsya intawn ko.

    1. I agree to disagree… Sinulog festival is being commercialized nowadays. It should be done in honor of Sto. Nino. Although naa pa ghapon ang religious celebration but more on commercialized na. Besides Sinulog festival was held in the Cebu City kay lagi Fiesta sa city. We all know na Cebu City and Cebu Province are not in-sync politically especially ni Tomas ug Gwen. Mas maayo unta ug kun magkasinabot silang duha it’s the better good for all of cebuanos ma-probinysa man or taga-siyudad.

      Kining Pasigarbo is promoting tourism as well as local goods or products. It may not as BIG as Sinulog festival but definitely they can co-exist together. I have no issues with these “Pasigarbo” thing as long as daghan ma-benefits ani. Just look at the talents that all the participants are showing and displaying… they are all world-class and giving their best performance. Besides… all the town participants are winners as i’ve read in the newspapers, all of them received money for just participating the event.

      Likewise… kun magkasinabot atong mga polical leaders mas labing maayo unta but this the real world we are in. Either your in or they are out…. 🙂


      1. that’s actually my point. Sinulog Grand Parade si commercialized that’s why it the best avenue to showcase the Cebu province’s local products and tourism destinations. Tomas never had a say kinsay paapilon sa Sinulog kay Sinulog Foundation man ang nag organize ana not the Cebu City Government.

        compare the audience sa Sinulog ug sa Pasigarbo. In Sinulog, daghan kaayong tourists both foreigners and from other parts of the Philippines. proof? pangitag hotel nga bakante anang panahona. ang Pasigarbo kinsay manan-aw? mga taga lungsod ra kasagaran nga nia sa syudad plus ang mga invited friends sa mga Garcia like the Marcoses this year. mora rag family affair.

        if the purpose of such affair is to promote town’s products, culture, heritage and tourist spots, which one is the best venue?

    2. ,kanang mang hinaway sa pasigarbo para na sa probinsya effort ba di na nlng mang hilabot ng tga cuidad kay province man mi ..kanang sinulog wala nay taga cebu makadaog sa inyong sinulog festival mauwaw man sad ta ana..tsk tsk tsk

  3. Thanks for all that you do Ley! It seems that some people have negative thoughts about the event but it boils down to one thing for me… Does it provide jobs for our fellow Cebuanos? In this tough economic times every opportunity for financial stability for our people should be supported by everybody. You have vendors, contractors & visitors boosting our economy & showing off our island… I’ll see you soon Cebu!

  4. This is a beautiful spectacle sponsored by the province. Rather than take part in the Sinulog, which is organized by the city, a provincial Sinulog-like festival is perfectly proper and in order. And I wish this becomes a tradition to look forward to while waiting for the next Sinulog.

    We Cebuanos, whether living in the city or in the province, has always considered Cebu City as our city and Cebu Province as our province. In our mind and spirit; we are one. But the reality is that Cebu City is politically independent from Cebu Province and vice versa. There are two entities ruled by different political leaders. With both being economically progressive, one does not really need the other. In effect, any encroachment by one over the other’s jurisdiction would always bring discord among the leaders.

    This festival is a good sign that the province must have its own festival if it really needs one to mark an important event and must leave the city festival to the city government. In the bigger scheme of things, let the province focus on the province; and the city, on the city. In this way, if the city and the province cannot unite; at least they do not quarrel.

  5. Woahh …Hapit na sad pasigarbo 2012,,,kanang mang hinaway sa pasigarbo para na sa probinsya effort ba di na nlng mang hilabot ng tga cuidad kay province man mi ..kanang sinulog wala nay taga cebu makadaog sa atong sinulog festival mauwaw man sad ta ana..tsk tsk tsk

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