In Photos: Cebu Fruits In Season

One of the most popular fruit joints in Cebu is the one found in front of the Chong Hua Hospital. It is so popular that according to a friend, more than three hundred boxes of fruits are sold in this joint each day. That’s a lot, if you ask me! Although the price of the fruits sold here is a bit more steep, you are assured of the best quality all the time!

Meet Manang Mary Nuena. We’ve been buying fruits from her booth for weeks now. If you ever plan to visit the joint, do look for her. She’s nice and more importantly, magpahangyo. Hehehe. She occupies booth number 1 [the first booth you see if you’re driving towards the hospital from Anita’s Bake Shop].

Pakwan and Green Mango [balbanga-an] Naglaway na ka sa? LOL

Ponken na ponken!


Fuji Apple

Lansones! Ahhh My favorite! Ikaduha sa mangga.

Pia Papaya!


What is your all-time favorite fruit? Share your answer in the comments below!

0 thoughts on “In Photos: Cebu Fruits In Season

  1. The green mangoes make me salivate. Naa pa ka’y picture sa hipon next to it, tilapan na lang jud nako akong computer screen.

  2. Yummy fruits! I love them all! Did you know that you can dry the lanzones skin & burn it at night time? The smoke will make the mosquitos go away. Also, try putting fresh orange skin in your garbage, its aroma will act as a deodorizer for your garbage, it will make it less stinky!=)

  3. my! it’s so great to see my suki, manang Mary here! yeah she’s super nice and truly magpahangyo. i’m going to print this and let her see that she’s quite famous now. lol. for sure, this will lead to more sales for her. she has a sad story. she’s the only one making a living for her family and her husband is blind or nearly blind that’s why he just stays at home. do encourage your family and friends to buy from her!

  4. Yes, for sure, I’m gonna buy lots of fruits from beautiful Mary. I’m going there in January & I’m gonna stay there for 34 days!=) I’m ready to eat anything local, except humans, of course! LOL Are you ready for me? Better be!

  5. sus ginoo galaway man pud ko florida daghan me ug manga… pero dili pareho sa atua. it doesnt taste the same..occasionally we get lansones from hawaii.. ang lansones lagum kaayo pag abut diri..mura ganeh ug agta.. .. its nice to read all these notes from different people.. mura ug nabaid akong pag binisaya..

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