Life is a ‘Talisaynon’ Beach: Visiting the Public Beaches of Talisay City, Cebu

The awesome beaches of Talisay City are the most undervalued, underestimated, unappreciated, unrecognized, and belittled wonders of Cebu. True, compared to the beaches in Mactan and the kilometers of white sand in the Northern and Southern tips, the Talisaynon beaches are no match. HOWEVER, way before Malapascua opened its first resort, Shangri-la, Hilton, and the EGI started the construction of its buildings, and Rock Island became the ‘hottest’ spot for mid-range beach denizens, there was Talisay. Do you remember Yaro Beach Resort? Marocca Swimming Pools? How about Larawan Beach? If you’re a real Cebuano, I’m sure these names would ring a bell.

So, what happened to these beaches? They still exist. But the attendance is no longer that significant. What with the appeal of high-end R and R to the ever-evolving modern Cebuano. Generally, the Cebuanos now relegate the Talisay beaches as ‘second-class’. And anyone seen here are considered ‘bakya’. This is truly so sad for these great, great gems.

I’ve been to Malapascua, Mactan, Oslob, Catmon, Sogod, and even Panglao. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to say that I’ve also been to Talisay!

 Not white sand. But not second-best, either! Baranggay Pooc, Talisay City.

A lovely day at the beach!

Beach favorite – Camote!

The Cebuano beach is synonymous with videoke machine.

Manong selling ‘ice drops’ and konsilba (banana chips in sugar syrup).

You can use your bike at the beach, too.

This boat is for rent.

Baby girl enjoying the clear, cool water.

Rubber tubings are for rent, too. Big: Php25. Small: Php15.

The greens beyond the beach. Notice the peeing guy? Haha!

View of the open beach from the shade.

These small ‘cottages’ are rented out to beach goers for a fee. Rates range from 50 to 500 pesos.

Manang selling camote.

This other Manang is selling Indian mango.

The cottages on this side are only Php75 each. And it comes with a table.

Beach regulars – these dogs.

Osman enjoying a cone of ‘street icecream’.

There’s that ice cream guy.

No takers?

Better move to a different spot. Hahaha.

Kids are the number fans.

A fishing boat on its way to Carbon, Cebu City.

Sunday is Beach day in Cebu.. Visit the Talisay beaches today!

44 thoughts on “Life is a ‘Talisaynon’ Beach: Visiting the Public Beaches of Talisay City, Cebu

  1. Are you Kidding! I love Talisay beach. Sea/mountain view is gorgeous! I miss konsilbas. My best friend’s family has a rest house there. Good that you & your beautiful family are enjoying your Sunday.=)

  2. my parents used to be pook die-hards and our family went there almost every sunday after church. sakay lang tricycle and abot na mi in 15 minutes!

    i don’t know why but pook’s consiba is the best.

    i see it hasn’t changed much since i took my chidren there 7 years ago.

    naa pa tong blind musician? i forgot his name, sorry. he entertained visitors with his harmonica renditions of old favorites.

  3. Me again. That pearly white guy, is that underwear? LOL Your brother Osman, what High School is he going to? I saw a picture of your father before & I thought he was your brother, that’s why I commented that you look a lot like your brother, Dad pala.=)

  4. maayo kung ila na epreserve ang Talisay Beaches….from Canton Beach down to Malayan hangtod sa dumlog, nindot kung ila limpyohan pirmi kay nindot kaayo ang mga views facing Bohol, aside sa mga ginagmay nga disturbo sa mga barko nga mangagi pero dili pa ulahi tanan… akong nahibaw an, ang taga Talisay mangadto sa Opon para maligo ug ang taga Opon ug sa laing dapit sa sugbu maoy mamisita sa Talisay matag Dominggo para mangaligo……nice pix….

  5. mao lagi, naunsa naman….pero d best gihapon ang konselba, kinilaw, kamote ug lechon ba, mao tawn dyud na akong gimingawan…sige lang puhon, makatilaw na pod ta ani….

  6. Ahh – Talisay — spent a lot of time there when I was training for the San Carlos swim team “back in the day” – USC had a rest house there also – had a few outings with Father Bustus and Father Bacareza and classmates after we served at one of the leper colonies in Cebu City.

    How are you? Had some time to check out you sights today – always very refreshing. Getting very busy – had my first faculty meeting last Thursday!!! A lot more to come – and some students are starting to filter in buying books, paying tuition, soccer practice, changing classes and looking for jobs on campus, etc. etc.

    Take care and keep up the great work!

  7. paytera… u make talisay look.. well, better. sikat baya jud ang talisay beaches sauna.. heheh dugaya na nako wa kauli oi. your blog made me nostalgic jud..
    was even scanning your pictures for any sign of our long lost dog. but then again dugay na kaau to nya tiguwang na pud kaayo tu si lassie.. =D

  8. bisan asa ta mangabot sa kalibutan best gihapon nato ang atong home town, taga talisay baya jud ko, mao pure jug nga talisaydak na. for me the best jud dili ka baylo ang beach resort bisan dili white ang sand pero ok lang naa tanan imo gustong kan-on labi na hilig ka ug kinilaw, barato na lami pa i remember kadtong dalagita pa meng mag barkada mag jogging me gikan sa amo-a hagtud sa dagat kadlawong dako (safe manto sa unang panahon ok ra ilaroylaroy sa talisay beach resort) lami-a sa tubig inig tugsaw nimo fresh kaayo ma feel jud nako ang kalagsik sa lawas (gimingaw lang ko da sa akong kabatan-on alegre jud kaayo) karon tigulang na tagsa nalang maka ligo sa dagat panahon inig vacation ………..

  9. I grew up in Cebu in the late 60’s and 70’s and would like to know how much it has changed and if anybody knows anyone from the Punta Princessa or Labangon area (I used to live at 97b F Llamas st. )as a kid I used to go to Talisay and Marrocca swimming pool would love to hear from anyone still out there….I now own my own business….Galli International….check it out…!!!!!!

  10. Di ko taga talisay pero sige mi agto ligo didto every weekend year ’70s when we used to live sa Lahug, Cebu..hehehehehe. puyo mi sa atbang sa balay ni serio (oops spelling) osmena’s house sa apitong lahug. last name nako gurbuxani…anyone knows any Gurbuxani’s family???? let me know basin ug kaila pud ko imo, hehehe.

    Just letting you know that I truly love your sites, Mr. Leylander! Keep up the good work!!

  11. I grew up on the beaches of Canton Beach Talisay and yes it’s true! it used to be the mecca of plenty of cebuanos in the 70’s to the 90’s. These beaches have seen more people than Boracay and Mactan combined. It’s not just the beaches that attracted the visitors, but also the food & the people. how many of you remembered Andres? the blind guy that played tunes w/ his harmonica? how about the deaf mute kid w/ the maraccas that did some break dancing moves on the sandy beaches for your spare change? These beaches too are very big part of our history and life as cebuanos. It was on these beaches where the Allied American Forces landed to take back the Philippines from the Japanese reign. Growing up, i’ve seen burried active landmines, tanks, grenades, bullets, and such being dugged up from these beaches. The best kept secret of these beaches are it’s healing properties!
    i have seen hundreds of stroke victims, many carried to the beach very early in the morning, their body burried and covered w/ the sand until the sun rises. they faithfully did these every single day and months later, they are walking! the therapeutic properties of the sand have cured and rehabilitized many of our fellow cebuanos! These and many other reasons are what brings us back home. no matter where we are in this beautiful earth, we always long for Cebu! and when we think Cebu, it won’t be complete without Talisay!

    Life indeed is a Talisaynon Beach!

  12. aguy, batang talisay man intawon ko. i cant count how many times mangaligo mi every sunday while i was growing up. it was like xmas time for us kids. sadly, pook beach hasn’t been maintained that well to attract more customers. looking at your pics only brought back memories, good ones. my parents still live in lawaan, and our home is just a few minutes drive to pook. when i go back home for a vacation i’ll drive over to pook just to reminisce.

  13. Ako gi mingaw na gali ko maligo didto nindot kaayo mag sinug-ba didto oy. Kay ga puyo man mi sa Inayawan di dali ra kaayo mi maabot kay mag tricycle man mi kay naa man mi tricycle. taga sabado kondi domingo god mi mangadto. Mangitom gyud ang imong nowng. Pero bahalag mangitom ang imong nowng malingaw man sad ka no….

    Kinsay gi mingaw sa pilipinas ISA ANG INYONG MGA TIIL…………… 🙂 Ha Ha Ha……

  14. I agree. Talisay is beautiful. I am blessed to see its view from the top at my Tierra Grande abode…from the busy streets, houses’ roofs till the amazing ocean view.. the big ships passing and the islands across… Breath-taking indeed!

    nice blog:) great job. keep it up. Godspeed!

  15. OMG!..taga pooc au qng dako…lolz..still rmmbr everything..also the manong selling d banana thingy…cge lng ko pangutang..hahaha..btw my house is just a walk away frm d beach..:)))..LUV IT!!!

  16. It’s good to know that you included Talisay in your blogs. I was born in Cebu City and raised in Pooc where I grew up spending most of my time playing and swimming at the beach. I have so many fond memories, especially the food….kinilaw, inasal (Talisay is mostly known for lechon, besides its beaches), kamote, etc. Now, I live in Hawaii where I’m sorrounded with gorgeous, white beaches. But, there is one thing in Pooc Beach that I can’t find here in Hawaii. Pebbles (I used to collect these when I was growing up). That’s what make Pooc/Talisay unique because the white beaches in Mactan or somewhere don’t have these. I hope and pray that the residents preserve its uniqueness and take good care of it for future generations

  17. Remembering Talisay Landings on March 1945, When American troops was landed beaches in Talisay, Cebu and helping Filipino troops of the pre-war PCA 82nd Infantry Division and the Cebuano guerrillas under by Colonel James Cushing to fought the Japanese.

  18. The local Filipino soldiers of the pre-war 82nd Infantry Division of the Philippine Commonwealth Army was arrival and entered in Talisay, Cebu on March 1945 and helping Cebuano guerrillas and American Liberation forces to defeated and attacking Japanese Imperial forces. Before the landing beaches of U.S. liberation forces in Talisay, Cebu on March 1945.

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