Move Over, Michael Jackson! The CPDRC Dancing Inmates Are Here

Remember the Algorithm March of the CPDRC Inmates?

Well, it turned out that it was just the tip of the iceberg!

If the march made you drop your jaws, this version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller will really BLOW YOU AWAY! Are you ready?


This video has infiltrated the web and has been sent to countless emails worldwide. The CPDRC inmates are now popular all over the world. And, fortunately, for the right reason!

Pinoy Rickey even made a feature of it and called it ‘Another Pinoy video gone viral“. Way to go guys!!!

Here are some of the many comments from other Youtube ssers:

“OMG do they take requests? They should do Missy Elliott’s Lose Control and Bad Man” – Cazxiro

“Kudos! Now I really think prison is fun!” – vampeee

In-freaking-credible. The choreography is perfect!” – DustyTowne

[thank you, sir randee, for the links]

14 thoughts on “Move Over, Michael Jackson! The CPDRC Dancing Inmates Are Here

  1. ay sayang, i can’t see the vid.. sa youtube ba na gikan nga video? blocked man gud sa nestle ang youtube.. pero kung pareho ni sa gibalita gabii sa tv patrol, lingaw sad kaayo ko tan-aw ato.. pero gusto nako makita ang tibuok video kay mura’g lingaw kaayo mo diri dah..

    outside nestle nalang ko tan-aw ani.. hehehehe

    maayong buntag bai..

  2. Hey Lan! that video was just featured here on E! News a tv magazine show here in U.S. That was one of their top 10 pick of the week, lol.

  3. na feature pod diri sa UK, sa Metro Newspaper ila website ( sikat ni nga free newspaper that circulates around London….pag abot nako sa office, gibutang dyud ang newspaper sa akong table kay mga kauban kuno nako ang naa sa news…..hehehe…..kuyawa cebu uy….congrats……

  4. yup. sikat na kaayo sila. naa bitaw feature sa jessica soho. nindot kaayo.

    ang two lead stars sa cpdrc diay kay real-life dancers man to before they were busted for drugs.

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