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St. Anthony Beach Resort: Budget-Friendly Family Resort in Tubigagmanok, Asturias

Late last year, I was able to stay in a budget-friendly beach resort in Asturias called Palicte Beach Resort. Since I really enjoyed my time there, I knew that I needed to go back. So when my parents and I decided to scour the Toledo-Tuburan route for a possible Holy Week destination a week before the break, I knew that I had to take them to Palicte. Long story short, we did drop by the resort during our ‘research’ tour. And guess what we found out? St. Anthony Beach Resort, Palicte’s sister resort, was ready to welcome its very first guests! How exciting!

St. Anthony Beach Resort

St Anthony Beach Resort is a new resort in Barangay Tubigagmanok in the town of Asturias. Owned by the same family that runs Palicte, St. Anthony Beach Resort is basically a new section of the resort with a slightly different vibe and feel. Compared to Palicte, the rooms at St. Anthony are a bit pricier, bigger, and nicer. But taking into consideration the size and quality of the rooms, you can’t say that they’re expensive at all!

Name: St Anthony Beach Resort
Type: Budget Family Resort
Municipality: Asturias
Barangay: Tubigagmanok
Features: Beach, Rooms
Distance from City: 1 Hour by Land (via TransCentral Highway)
Distance from Town Proper: Less than 5 minutes
Access: Bus / Van / Private
Nearest Tourist Spot: Palicte Beach Resort, Buswang Lake
Trekking Time: None, along the highway
Contact Number: 09268151427
Room Rates
Standard Rooms
– P1200
– Good for 2, Free breakfast for 2
Family Rooms
– P1800
– Good for 3, Free breakfast for 3
Barkada Room
– P3000
– Good for 6, Free breakfast for 6
– P250 for every extra person, Free breakfast
Additional Offers: Kayak – Php150 per hour
Guide/Tour Operator:
Tours Offered: Yes – Manguiao Falls
Restaurant: Yes
Lounge / Lobby: Yes
Supplies/Mini-Store: Yes
Additional Offers: Swimming pool (soon) | Rooftop cafe (soon)

A New Resort in Asturias

Like Palicte Beach Resort, St Anthony Beach Resort is located in Barangay Tubigagmanok in the town of Asturias. Situated around 5 minutes from the town center, the resort is hard to miss because it lies along the national highway. Construction of the resort began in 2020. (If you check my Palicte post, you will see a shot of the rooms during construction). And this year (2021), the resort finally opened its doors to the public just in time for the Holy Week break.

Here is a quick shot of the family arriving at St. Anthony Beach Resort for the break.

Here is a wonderful view of Palicte Beach Resort and St. Anthony Beach Resort’s shoreline. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Now, imagine spending your late afternoon here.

The Barkada Room at St. Anthony Beach Resort has 3 double-deck beds and can accommodate 6 people. Each one gets a free breakfast. And a nice pair of house slippers. In addition, the rate for an additional person (comes with foam) is only P250.00. Breakfast is free, as well!

The Family Room has beds for 3 people. The rate also comes with a free breakfast.

Here is a shot of the family enjoying a quiet breakfast at the beach.

If you’re worried about having to finish something at work while on a holiday, the lounge area at St. Anthony is the perfect spot for you.


The Beach at St. Anthony Beach Resort

Much like most beaches in the area, St. Anthony Beach Resort (and Palicte)’s beach is light brown in color. You’d definitely want to go swimming because the pebbles are extra fine and the water is very clear. Additionally, at noon, when it gets really hot, you can enjoy a cool and relaxing dip in the shade of one of the trees along the beach.

Here’s Eploy trying to build his very own sandcastle.

The kids taking a break from all the swimming outside the rooms.

Happy Tummy at St. Anthony Beach Resort

St. Anthony Beach Resort serves cooked meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks) to its guests. All you have to do is choose the dishes that you want to order at least three hours ahead to give the staff enough time to prepare them. In fact, you can even make specific orders and request items that aren’t on the menu.

Here is a shot of the resort’s nice-looking restaurant and dining area.

After a full day in the water, it was time for some afternoon snacks.

First, here is a truly delicious serving of Bam-i!

Next, we got my ultimate favorite biko!

Finally, we got to taste Asturias town’s very famous delicacy, the Bingka Dawa!

St. Anthony Beach Resort also exclusively sells the Tompar’s Farm’s Asturias Whole Fruit Coffee. If you’re a true lover of coffee, this one is truly a must-try. Only P100.00 for a 250g pack.

If adventure is your thing, on the other hand, guests at St. Anthony Beach Resort have exclusive access to the Manguiao Falls in Barangay Manguiao. Post soon on this blog!

Late Afternoons at the Beach

One of the best things about St. Anthony Beach Resort is that it’s basically a perfect spot to wait for the sun to set. As a matter of fact, all you have to do is grab a chair, sit in the shade, be ready with a favorite snack or drink, and just simply wait for the sky to magically change hues. It’s a truly magical experience, I tell you!

The kids enjoying a late afternoon stroll at the beach.

Ending a long and tiring day with this view. Wow! Just take a look at that!

If you want, you can also scour the mudflats for fresh seafood like saang, crabs, lukot, and even bakasi! It’s so fun!

Just before it got completely dark, the sky turned bright red-orange. Amazing!

Then, minutes later, it was time for some bonfire on the beach!


Have you been to St. Anthony Beach Resort? Do you want to check this place out? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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