Chillin’ In Lovely Oslob


On our way home, we decided to drop by Oslob to take some pics. We had a lot of fun there. Not only did we see Oslob’s famous seaside church and historical ruins, we were also able to check out Oslob’s very interesting cemetery. (Though I’ve been here years ago, it still feels good to be back!)


Erin and Sean enjoying the breeze sa seawall.

While waiting for Line who went to Julie’s Bakeshop to buy some bread, we took this freaky ‘class picture’. Hahahaha.

Beautiful church of Oslob.

Ruins! Cool! Pic by mewyam.

 Ruins of a watchtower outside the church compound.

We all then went to the cemetery to check it out.

Si Ivan.

Broken cross.

Neat kaayo ila cemetery. Very neat.



Last pic of Oslob. Way lingaw. Hehehe. Pic by mewyam.


25 thoughts on “Chillin’ In Lovely Oslob

  1. HI, Ley
    its so cool i love that photo like Eric & Sean, Mga Artistahon ba,
    Nice Place i wish i will vist there soon AS I can, But my part of Cebu North
    Anyway I will trying to TRIP THERE, I will email on you when i will be there
    in Cebu, soon, woow owoow ooow Ceboooommmm,


  2. First photo – mura’g ikaw ang nakadaog sa beauty contest, Ley, flanked by your four runners-up.

    Second to the last picture – I’m not sure I’ll “contack” Maning to make my lapida. He might misspell my name.

    Wala pa ko kaadto sa Oslob (I have always thought nga layo kaayo), but MCPB has taken me again on a vicarious trip. Lovely place!

    Ley, you deserve an award from the provincial government for promoting Cebu tourism to places outside the well-beaten path where the simple, rustic beauty of our home island is found.

    1. Kataw-anan man ka Ley oi. Nag joke nang dako kaayo na iya printa diha. Bitaw noh ug masayup ang spelling sama sa ako ngalan Wella unya ang namatay diay kay Welle ang ngalan. Basin unya ang masulat kay Wella instead of Welle. Oi kakuyaw pud! Hahahaaa!!!!

  3. i 2nd the motion on this Takdol-Ley deserves an award for his MCPB not only from the City of Cebu but from the Province as well, in promoting Cebu to the world. At one point had asked Ley if he is a member of Cebu F/Lady’s ‘Suroy-Suroy sa Cebu’. Seems he knows the nooks and crannies of Cebu. With the support from all regular and passive readers in endorsing Ley’s MCPB to City/Provincial government, and why not also to the provincial or federal Tourism office.

  4. oslob is nice..

    by the way, sa flickr nimo gi store ang ubang pictures? dili man gud ma view hehe. filterred site ang flicr diri sa uae ley.

  5. it so sad sa nahitabo sa church sa Oslob nuh!
    i always read SuperBalita diha sa ato,bisan di ko taga-Oslob i felt sad of what had happen….
    Normal lang na sa mga public cemetry diha sa ato-a,naa tanan nuh!malimpyuhan lang 2days b-4 Kalag-kalag or else on the same day….wala lang

  6. very, very impressive shots what cam do u use?

    im a graphics and t shirts designer, i think i can print this beautiful church on t shirts… ive been to samboan too (my better half is from there) and what a cool, beautiful place too, it lengthens age… God bless You and all your family.

    my mobile: 0919-8768999

  7. leylander , i just would like to know that white flower which grow inside the cemetery of oslob, because we used to pick it up and give it to the church of same town, especially during mayflower.

  8. What fun to see what Oslob looks like now – major improvements! The last tlme I saw Oslob was in June of 1964 when I was there in the Peace Corps. We rented a house (belonging to the Mirasol family)that was right across the street from the convent that burned down. How I would love to see it now – and see my friends there!

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