A Return to Moalboal’s Bas Daku

After being away for several months, I knew that I had a lot of things to do. And by ‘things’ I actually mean places. And by do, in reality, I mean visit. So, since South Cebu was on my mind, I decided to pack my bag, get on my bike, and head to the beautiful beach town of Moalboal.

The plan was to take my time in my drive towards Moalboal, arrive there just before dusk, find a cheap room (preferably with a wonderful view of the ocean,) and spend the night star-gazing while lying on the beach.

The plan was flawless. I arrived in Saavedra (Bas Daku,) Moalboal at around 5 in the afternoon and I easily got a room (single A/C room for PhP 1000.) Although my room wasn’t beach-side, I decided to get it because it had its own parking space for my motorbike. By 5:30 I was at the beach enjoying the wonderful view.

I realized that if you’ve been away for too long, even a simple, quiet stroll on the beach can prove to be a truly emotional and fulfilling experience.

I noticed that more and more foreign tourists are now making Moalboal one of their stops.

Local and foreign tourists enjoying a beautiful late afternoon in Bad Daku.

When it got dark, I drove back to the town center to grab something to eat. I went to my favorite food stall near the church and got fried chicken, siomai, and buko juice. When I returned, I went straight to the beach and stayed up all night eating my favorite chips and drinking some local sodas I hadn’t tasted in a while. It was fantastic.

I was up early the next day for a quick swim and to enjoy the wonderful sight.

Getting a bit of ‘tan,’ perhaps? Haha!

Ready to conquer the soft waves! The beach was quiet and peaceful. It was wonderful!

By 9 am, I was on my way back to the town center to grab some breakfast and to proceed to my next destinations.

One of the many things that caught my attention was the facade of the local elementary school. Take a look at that! Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

And later, when I visited the Gaisano Town Center Moalboal, I was blown away by the view! Amazing! Great job, Gaisano and Moalboal!

I had a super fun and exciting time, Moalboal! See you again soon! 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Return to Moalboal’s Bas Daku

  1. Wow! Nindot gihapon xa..ma mesmerized gyd kas beauty sa moalboal…we went there 5 years ago I guess.. 🤗😍
    BTW, asa diay ka nag leave sir ley? 🤔🤔

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