A Quick Stop at the Carmen Town Plaza

One of the nicest town plazas in the North is the Carmen town plaza. The park has benches, playgrounds, fountains and a relaxing view of the sea. The plaza, facing the Carmen Municipal Building, can be seen right along the north national highway. The plaza is perfect for high noon strolls and chats as huge trees shade most of the benches. And it’s also quite interesting to note that a lot of teenagers frequent this plaza at noon because the cool breeze and the relaxing shade makes it a perfect spot for non-stop texting and chats.

The original look of the Carmen town plaza in Northern Cebu.

One of the many customized ‘carousels’ found at the Carmen town plaza.

One of the several slides that litter the grounds of the park.

The focal point of the plaza is this statue of a mermaid that is carrying a huge shell and sitting in the middle of a fountain. Also note that it is surrounded by dolphins.

One interesting feature of the fountain are the six dolphins that squirt out water from their mouth.

Fiesta buntings and a view of the Carmen Municipal building.

View of the mermaid fountain and the gazebo right next to it.

A beautiful walkway that is covered with vines and plants.

View of the amphitheater fronting the municipal hall which is facing the highway and the park on the other side of the road.

The Municipal Building of the town of Carmen, Cebu.

View of the town plaza from the municipal building.

Statue of Jose Rizal standing in front of the municipal hall.

View of a big open space as seen from the top of the amphitheater.

Sinulog sa Carmen 2015
Weekends in Carmen
New Carmen Plaza
Happy Fiesta, Luyang (Carmen, Cebu)

Have you been to the old Carmen town plaza in the past? Can you point out the changes that have been made since these photos were taken?

0 thoughts on “A Quick Stop at the Carmen Town Plaza

  1. cooool pictures, thanx 4 adding carmen @ ur time 2go there, leyland

    1. no litters around, excellent
    2. playground equipments need paint work @ should be check regularly for safety
    3. trees are cooool, good shade
    4. lovely mermaid
    5. that climbing plants well look after, very nice
    6. adults should not occupy the swing

    Main Building:
    1. needs paint work
    2. entrance look spooky
    3. steps need a resurface (plaza)

    thank you land, i appreciate ur time there

  2. Hope you will go to Consolacion and take pictures of the area. Contact my dad Councilor Ember Alinsug. He is running for Vice-Mayor.

    Coco Alinsug
    Boston, MA. USA

  3. thanks for adding carmen im glad that you do it.you know iam from carmen thats why im happy to see it.I left in 1994 the carmen plaza that time is nothing so im glad that there is a little bit improvement of carmen.

  4. hei-
    thanx for visiting Carmen!!
    Nice photos of Cebu!!
    Love Cebu so much, and i’m dying to go home-
    been away for more than a year, and seeing those pics
    gives me goosebumps.. i’ve been in those places before..
    and i miss it a lot!~
    Yus Bontia, 21

  5. Rock on Carmen…
    Congratulations to re-elect Mayor Hon. Virginio Villamor,
    re-elect Vice Mayor Hon. Sonia Pua, and councillors.
    Hello Gerald, Nong Inteng Laping and Zalde Capuno.

  6. I like the yellow bell flowers & the lovely structure below it. It’s perfect for walking down the aisle (a wedding ceremony).=)

  7. The Carmen town Plaza so beautiful by now. Its a project of our beloved Vice Mayor Madam Sonia Pua. Well done Madam.

    During our holiday i still saw the big Nativity (Belen) and they change it to the Sinulog Theme, for the Jan. 27 CARMEN SINULOG FIESTIVAL COMPETITION. The plaza still lights up w/ xmas lights. Hopefully until now.


  8. Thanks for sharing these photos Ley!

    Carmen really did a good job in renovating their town plaza. One of the best community plazas up north. Hope this will inspire other northern towns to also spruce up their owns. With Ley’s artistic photography, samot ka-nindut tan-awon ang Carmen!

  9. I’m proud as a Carmenanon, kay kung gusto ka mo relax… ok gyud kaayo kay very peaceful man ang among lungsod… then mas nindot pa jud karon ang plaza kay ila man gi-renovate…. mas nice na compared sa una….

  10. Uhm. You should see the new face of carmen right now. 🙂 The place doesnt have a problem. Only the people living . But still im proud being part of this community. Not only it educates most of its poeple it also help other people to enjoy and have more time with their families.

  11. For tomorrow Aug.28,’08

    HAPPY FIESTA to my sister Flor & Boboy Tejero,
    and to all the people of Carmen for Feast celebration
    SR. San Agustin.

    HAPPY FIESTA to Hon. Councilor Zalde Capuno
    (my batch 1980) Boss unsay mga kalingawan diha.

    Hope the celebration goes smoothly and peacfully…

  12. Carmen will continue to shine. No place like home where my folks and roots are. Beautiful place and people. see you on jun 09-ebl tx usa

  13. My roots are partly from Carmen too (Capuno and Jayson). Carmenanons are fun-loving but sometimes, pilosopo (maybe like St Augustine, the patron saint who is a Doctor of the Church.)

    1. I’m from Dawis Norte. I want to know you more and your family. Who knows we are related or maybe we are cousins.My father is Capuno and my great grandfather is Jayson. Keep in touch…

  14. sea wall is really fantastic place! way kaparihas? last time when i was there i feel relax gyud kaayo, swing swing sa ilawom sa kahoy nga naa pay mga nindot nga mga bulak? congrats sa mga haligi ug mga nagdumala sa carmen/ pero when i comeback home, im not happy,,,,, guba man ang cemento sa cantipay overflow? kuyaw man ug mahulog ang sakyanan sa cantipay overflow? maayo unta ug ma sulusyonan nila mayor veniong ug vice mayor sonia pua? para exited kaayo ta nga mag bakasyon? ka nindot gyud ibakasyon labi pa ug summer? mayor! vice mayor! kmusta?

  15. hello to all carmenanons,,there is no like soo beautifull like carmen,,with there plaza and the sorroundings,,make me happy and relaxed jud if i´m there,,,my family and my roots are from carmen,,a pure carmenanon !!!samot na karun nga ila gi renovate ang plaza ,,well ,,we all thanks to the people of carmen too that they support carmen ,being always clean and peacefull,,MAYour GOD blessed us all carmenanons,,see u in the nxt year in the nice and the beautifull plaza with the help of my good friend ´”Mic Mic,,hello yads muzta nlng ko nmo ,,luv u all !!!

  16. I love Carmen. Spent every summer there with my grandparents (Mr. & Mrs. Andres Reyes Sr.). Have a lot of childhood friends which I still communicate thru email & sms. I miss the fiesta every August. (last I attended was in 1989)

  17. it’s the Old One..
    can yOu take pictures Of the new CARMEN plaza??
    it’s even much greater than that one..
    such a wOnderful change!
    Carmen’s the best!

  18. I missed Carmen so much…I left there since 1983 and i went high school at Cebu Academy H.S., and i am Planning to visit sometimes next year. carmen has improved since i left. My Dad live there..and i missed the Fiesta of Saint Augustine and parade and the calvaryo. God Bless!!!

  19. Lucky town!!

    Groups of medical professionals from TX USA mostly filam will do a medical/dental community outreach there from 06/03-6/13/09. Some doctors, nurses and dentist from Cebu City will also join. Originally scheduled in Pto Princesa Palawan, it has to be re-routed because of travel advisory. Some other sites of the country came up but Carmen was unanimously voted. This outreach is approved and warmly welcome by the town officials.

    Carmenanon you are blessed and special. See you in June.

  20. My sister told me, the plaza is getting more wider and she’s having a motorbike driving lesson there while the nieces enjoying in the playground and then having a bbq dinner after.

    Between the plaza and the municipal bldg, thats where the Sugat is held yearly and this morning too.

    Bai Leyland, kanus-a ka mosuroy ug usab didto.

  21. On the 24th of this month Sinulog sa Carmen. Sure mapuno jud ni sa people ang park ug plaza. Suroy suroy nya mo didto sa Carmen. Hopefully, Ley have time to picture2 there.

  22. I witness the Carmen Sinulog this year, so beautiful. And saw Michael Rama with his troop the Lumad Basakanon. I try their headgear, geeeee so heavy.
    And meet my high school friends. One is Judy, just meet after 3 decades. Wonderful…

    This place is pack of people now.
    My niece are enjoying the rides last night.
    Now lunch time there, yummy lechon…

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