Cebuano Breakfast in Liloan

The Municipality of Liloan, home of the famous Liloan Lighthouse (Bagacay Point) – which remains standing till this very day – is only around 40-minutes from the city of Cebu.

Liloan is popular for its amazing Cebuano breakfast (or any meal for that matter) selections. Liloan offers great-tasting Inasal Manok and favorites like Lechon Baboy and Masi. Also, families and truckloads that travel North to enjoy the beach usually drop by Liloan to buy other Cebuano beach essentials like Hanging Rice (puso) and Kinilaw.

Welcome to the Municipality of Liloan!

Jose Rizal: The main man!

Park benches on the Liloan municipal grounds.

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Cebuano beach ‘essentials’: (L-R: kamote, budbud, suka with sili, swaki (sea urchin) and guso and balat)

The popular Cebu Lechon (Inasal baboy) is sold per kilo along the road in Liloan.

Lechon baboy can be seen roasting along the road, too!

Never eat your Lechon with plain rice. In Cebu, our very own hanging rice (Puso) is THE better alternative).

Visit Liloan now!

19 thoughts on “Cebuano Breakfast in Liloan

  1. Pwerte gyud nang lami a tan awon anang inyong mga pagkaon dinha. Labi na gyud ug ipadool ngadto sa dagat dapit sa Acoje. Ug akoy maanha dinha ang akong schedule sa pagkaon.
    1) Sa Pamahaw:
    Sikwate ug di gani mangga, budbud, puto, bibingka.
    2)Sa merienda:
    Empanada, fresh lumpia nga dunay lami kaayong garlic sauce, ensumada, hopia, pig pie.
    3)Sa pani udto:
    Inasal, puso, kinilaw nga nangka nga gitunuan, kinilaw puso sa saging, kinilaw nga gaye (camote tops).
    Pansit gisado ug dili gani Maki nga lami ug siopao ug coke sa botelya nga pwerting bugnawa.
    Tinuwa nga Pugapo, Tinapanan, sinugbang isda sa bato, minantikaang tinabal nga daghan kaayong tamates. Ang kan on Maes.

  2. yummm…! I miss the wild rice puso with lechon & grilled fish with spicy vinegar!! help, I’m drooooling…!!!=)

  3. Also, Liloan, is the hometown of the former Miss Philippines, Pilar Pilapil. I don’t remember if she was a Miss Universe contender. She’s a friend of my sister Evelyn & classmate in USP. I saw her when I was in elementary in the same school. She’s very pretty! She looks more like 100% spanish than a filipina. She’s an actress & was with Dolphy, they have a child or children.

  4. Ah, the pleasant memories of Puso! Lami Kaayo. First time I ever had it was at a small roadside stand in Minglanilla. We had lechon manok and puso! ooohh, so good. Thanks for all of your fotos, I appreciate them very much.

  5. hay naku..! na busog nlang ko nag tan aw, hehehehe… mo kaon gyd pod ko ana phon neg uli nko. Na miss na gyd nko na kaau ng mga pag kaon na.. Thank u so much sa mga pics.. Take care always friend

  6. Im hungry now… Masasarap kasi lahat na nasa pic. Lahat yata nasa pic ay gusto kung kainin. Matagal tagal narin kasi na di me nakakain ng mga kilawin. Pero mas naglalaway ako sa lechon. Hmmm lechon cebu pa naman ang sarap nyan… Masasarap talaga ang mga lechon sa cebu. Pero may nadiskubrehan akong mas masarap na lechon sa cebu. Sa Grabeh napakasarap ng lechon nila at napaka crunchy pa ng balat…. Try nyo ang . Im sure magustuhan nyo ang lasa ng lechon nila. The taste is so good talaga.

  7. Everything in the pictures….are yummy. I can’t wait nga mobisita diha.

    He he he… anybody know my friend in Liloan??? her name is Leonila Yrog-irog.


  8. These are the things that make Liloan worth visiting! You should try their halo2x sometime. I recommend Hanz Refreshment… it’s located just across the street from the Parola replica. You can easily tell since they are situated at the first floor of two-floor complex. The second one also sells halo2x but the best IMHO is Hanz.

  9. thanks bai for featuring liloan. next time don’t just stop by for breakfast but wallow not only in the sinful taste of our lechon but also in the simple sincerity of its people. We’ll do lunch by the Parola and dinner at Silot Bay. Walay atikay!

  10. Yes!!!pyts au lechon nu g display!!!taga liloan pod ako mother..naa ko relatives dha tapad ra municipyu..mingaw nako aha dha tagay ug foods..

  11. gi-trace nako imo pinaka-first na post sa imo blog heheheheh ka-karaan na gyud diay ani imo blog noh??? LOL great work lei… keep it up!

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